Wonder Wheel Trailer: Woody Allen's 1950s Crime Drama

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet is coming undone, against the gorgeous backdrop of 1950s Coney Island, in the new trailer for Woody Allen's period crime drama Wonder Wheel. The film is set to be screened at the New York Film Festival later in October ahead of a limited release on December 1st.

Winslet is garnering Oscar buzz again for her portrayal of the emotionally volatile Ginny in Allen's latest feature under his deal with Amazon StudiosWonder Wheel also stars Jim Belushi as Humpty, Ginny's rough-around-the-edges husband, and Juno Temple as Ginny's estranged daughter Carolina. The plot is set in motion when Carolina flees from her violent mobster husband and must hole up with her father, leading to conflict with the unstable Ginny. Justin Timberlake rounds out the main cast as Mickey, a young lifeguard with dreams of becoming a writer.

The new trailer for Wonder Wheel spotlights the film's two main selling points: Kate Winslet's potentially Oscar-worthy performance, and Vittorio Storaro's eye-popping cinematography. Woody Allen always does a good job with period detail and photography whenever he elects to set a movie in the past, and by the looks of it, Wonder Wheel might be his most visually dazzling period film yet.

Unlike his last few movies which have tended toward the misty-eyed comedic-fantasy end of the spectrum, Wonder Wheel sees Allen in character-driven drama mode, a la Crimes and Misdemeanors and Match Point. Winslet is hoping Wonder Wheel can score her an Oscar nod just as Allen's Blue Jasmine did for Cate Blanchett. There are clear similarities between Winslet's unraveling, melodramatic Ginny and Blanchett's wildly neurotic, destructive Jasmine. Winslet already has one career Best Actress win for her performance in the harrowing drama The Reader.

James Belushi's performance as the gruff carousel operator Humpty is also garnering a small amount of unexpected awards buzz. Between this and his hilarious work as Dougie Jones' adversary-turned-protector Bradley Mitchum in Twin Peaks, Belushi appears to be in the midst of a highly surprising career renaissance.

The true star of Wonder Wheel however is the brilliant, colorful, lovingly-recreated Coney Island backdrop. Legendary cinematographer Vittorio Storaro has always been a master of color, and that genius looks to be on full display here. Recently, Woody Allen just seems to be churning along with his films, but Wonder Wheel could prove to be another gem for the director, with Winslet, Storaro and possibly Belushi all looking at potential Academy Award nominations for their work.

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