'The Woman in Black' Sequel Casts Leads for WWII Horror Story

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Released early in 2012, The Woman in Black was initially known only as one of the first post-Harry Potter roles for Daniel Radcliffe. Despite that baggage, the spooky British film scared over $130 million from world audiences – almost eight times the movie's budget.

Boldened by that profit margin, the venerable Hammer Films production company moved forward with the production of a sequel, The Woman in Black: Angels of Death. Showing no sign of slowing down, Hammer has announced the first major casting news for the project.

Coming Soon reports that Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) and Phoebe Fox (Black Mirror) have been recruited as the leads in the sequel to The Woman in Black. They join a production directed by Tom Harper (Misfits) from a screenplay by Jon Croker (Desert Dancer). The script is adapted from a story by Susan Hill, the original author of The Woman in Black novel.

Neither Irvine nor Fox have had extensive careers. Irvine is best known as the non-horse lead in War Horse, but has also appeared in films such as Great Expectations and Now Is Good. Fox has made numerous appearances on British television, including a lead role in Switch.

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The narrative of The Woman in Black: Angels of Death apparently takes place 40 years after the events of the first film. Set during World War II, the story will follow a young couple shepherding a group of children displaced by the Blitz. The refugees find themselves at a government-sponsored safehouse – which just so happens to be the Eel Marsh estate. The presence of new residents causes the house's unquiet dead to stir once more.

With the casting of two leads, one can see that Harper and Croker are shooting for a different tone than the first Woman in Black. Whereas that movie summoned dread through a sense of loneliness and isolation, it looks as if its sequel will go a different route involving a much larger cast. While neither of the leads are particularly exciting (having not been established enough to provoke any particular reaction), the implied change in tone and setting is potentially fascinating. Here's to hoping that – to lean on a cliché – The Woman in Black: Angels of Death is the Aliens to its predecessor's Alien.


The Woman in Black: Angels of Death does not yet have a release date. Keep Screen Rant in your peripheral vision for new details as they emerge from the dark.

Source: Coming Soon

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