Jason Momoa Cast As the Villain in David Hayter's 'Wolves'

Jason Momoa Cast in Wolves

X-Men and Watchmen writer David Hayter has been trying to jump behind the director's chair for quite some time and, despite his prominence in screenwriting and video games (he's the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid franchise), he has yet to make that happen.

His passion project Wolves has been in development for the better part of three years, but now, thanks to the casting of the film's villain, it's finally about to start shooting.

The film has already secured a lead in X-Men: First Class' Lucas Till and a potential love interest in Merritt Patterson (Kyle X/Y), and now it Jason Momoa has been cast as the villain. Perhaps best known for his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones' first season - followed by his portrayal of Conan the barbarian in Conan the Barbarian - Momoa will certainly look the part as the leader of a pack of werewolves.

Hayter's script follows a teenage werewolf named Caleb Richards who has been accused of murdering his parents and must go on the run. While on the lam, he encounters Momoa's aforementioned villainous werewolf character. Known primarily for playing heroes with a darker side, Wolves will mark the first time Momoa has played the antagonist.

Werewolves haven't dominated our popular culture like vampires have in recent years, but their presence in the Twilight films and MTV's Teen Wolf should help this project find a following. With any good werewolf project, which we hope this is, comes the potential for some truly memorable wolf make-up. Thankfully, celebrated artist Dave Elsey is on the job.

Elsey's previous screen credits include work on Mission: Impossible and X-Men: First Class, but he's probably best known for collaborating with Rick Baker on make-up for The Wolfman, for which he won an Oscar.

[caption id="attachment_201136" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Dave Elsey on the set of 'The Wolfman'"][/caption]

With Elsey behind the make-up there's the guarantee that, at the very least, the werewolf effects will look believable. As far as the rest of the production, who's to say what we can expect? Aside from Momoa, the cast is comprised of relative unknowns, with the voice of Solid Snake being the next most notable name on the cast and crew list.

Still, Hayter's presence on some successful Hollywood blockbusters should help give this film some buzz, and will hopefully give Hayter the opportunity to direct more in the future.

Wolves begins shooting in September


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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