'The Wolverine' International Trailer #2 Reveals Viper & Silver Samurai in Action

Svetlana Khodchenkova as Viper and Hugh Jackman as Logan in 'The Wolverine'

WARNING: Trailer Contains Mild Plot Spoilers!

If you just can't wait for the summer release of James Mangold's new entry to the X-Men cinematic universe, The Wolverine, then you can pass the time by exploring how it was made with Rob Keyes' set report, which includes his first-hand account of seeing the much-teased fight scene between the Wolverine and an entire army of yakuza ninjas.

Obviously The Wolverine has some stiff competition in the field of summer 2013 comic book movies, vying with Zack Snyder's highly anticipated Superman reboot Man of Steel, but from what we've seen so far, it appears as though the two movies - aside from being released a healthy number of weeks apart - will be very different in terms of tone. Though The Wolverine is a superhero story and comes with its own mix of sci-fi elements and mutant powers, it also seems to be a fairly down-to-earth action film about one man's entanglements with a powerful yakuza.

A new international trailer for The Wolverine has been published over at CBM, and features a mix of clips that have been shown before, and new scenes that flesh out both the central story and some of the characters - particularly the antagonists.

The trailer confirms a plot-point that we speculated upon when set photos of two different versions of Shingen Yashida - one middle-aged, one very old and on his deathbed - were posted on Twitter by director James Mangold. It appears that Yashida's offer to repay his debt to Logan by relieving him of his immortality isn't an entirely selfless one: he intends to transfer Logan's powers to himself in order to escape his impending death, and it looks as though he succeeds.

Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) also gets a lot of screen time, and it seems as though she is instrumental in aiding the transfer of Logan's powers to Yashida. This transfer seems to be done against Logan's will, since he refuses Yashida at first, is later ambushed by Viper in bed, and after an attack that leaves him nursing a bullet wound he discovers that his healing abilities have left him and becomes angry.

For readers of the comics, the revelation that Yashida's intentions are not as pure as they first appear probably won't come as much as a surprise, nor will the scenes of Wolverine eventually going toe-to-toe with both Yashida and Silver Samurai (Will Yun Lee). The latter, who was briefly glimpsed in the last trailer, seems to be a formidable foe, and his suit of armor is a lot larger than it is depicted in the comics.

Svetlana Khodchenkova as Viper and Hugh Jackman as Logan in 'The Wolverine'

A final note on Silver Samurai involves the size of his sword; it was suggested after the earlier image of Yashida battling Logan, sword locking with the adamantium claws, that Yashida must have been using the Silver Samurai sword, which is capable of cutting through any ordinary metal and withstanding a clash with adamantium. However, the sword that Silver Samurai uses in the battle clip is much larger than Yashida's sword. Therefore, unless Yashida adapts his samurai sword with the same technology used to create the Silver Samurai's katana, it remains a mystery as to why he is able to fight Logan with it.

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The Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: CBM

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