Wolverine's Secret Daughter Was Just Revealed By Marvel

Wolverine Secret Daughter in Marvel Comic

Warning: SPOILERS for Marvel Comics Presents #6

The world is a whole lot safer now that Wolverine's daughter has joined Marvel's Universe, as a superhero even more powerful than her father. But don't feel left out, Marvel fans... even Wolverine didn't know she existed until now.

The Wolverine family tree has grown in some strange ways over the years, as Marvel first revealed Logan's son Daken, and later clarified that X-23 isn't just a Wolverine clone. But the newest child of Wolverine appears to be a flesh and blood daughter, conceived of in the old fashioned way, and born with the claws and superhuman body of her mutant father. The major difference--and the one that makes her even deadlier than Wolverine--is that she's blessed with her mother's magic, as well. And believe us, he's going to need BOTH to keep Marvel's world from turning into Hell on Earth.

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The context behind the sudden appearance of Logan's daughter is complicated, and those who want the whole story can read our coverage of how Wolverine has been secretly saving the world. To make a long story short, a brush with a demon named 'the Truth' and the witch that banished him from Earth locked Logan into a cycle. Every ten years the demon would break through, leaving him and a sorceress, 'Sylvie,' to send him back into limbo. But after the job was done in 1962, Sylvie wanted more from Logan than just his assistance...

Wolverine Sylvie Comic Pregnancy

The brief tryst made sense in the moment--warriors cursed with an endless battle for the world should take pleasure where they can find it. But it was Sylvie's return to her family, and confirmation that "it's done" that left little to the imagination. The simplest reading was that Sylvie had intended to have sex with Logan... and there's an obvious reason why. That theory was bolstered when the Truth next broke into the world in 1970, and Sylvie said goodbye to her husband making reference to their children. Sadly, she would never return.

The fight plays out in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents #4, with Sylvie and Wolverine deciding to split up. Believing she is now well trained and powerful enough in the mystic arts to banish the Truth herself, Sylvie sends Logan to help innocent bystanders (just as the demon evidently planned she would). Her spells work, but not before the Truth kills her in the process, leaving Wolverine counting the days until the demon returns... with no sorceress to send him back. And when the Truth is once again set free, not even the X-Men can stop it.

Killing Cyclops instantly, and Talisman soon after, the fight seems totally and completely lost... until a woman steps out of the ashes looking more than ready for this fight. And with a telltale "SNIKT" deploying three claws from each hand--glowing with unknown magic--she slices and dices the Truth before sending him home for another spell. At which point Logan confirms what the readers can already deduce.

Wolverine New Daughter in Marvel Comics

As an expert in illegitimate children (at least among the X-Men) readers can take Wolverine's word that this young woman is his daughter. Now age 33, according to the story's timeline, this is the first opportunity she has had to fulfill her role. As a fusion of her mothers magic and Logan's healing factor and ferocity, she seems to be the perfect champion to face the Truth--perhaps for all time, if Logan's immortality is also genetically passed to her. That's where the story ends for now, meaning fans will have to wait to find out just where this story from Charles Soule, Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior, and Frank D'Armata is headed next.

Marvel Comics Presents #6 is available now at your local comic book shop, and direct from Marvel Comics.

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