Wolverine Just Saved Hanukkah For Marvel Comics

Warning: SPOILERS for Marvel's Merry X-Men Holiday Special

It's that time of year again, as the comic universe Holiday Specials are a comin'! This week it's Marvel getting in on the fun, with their own X-Men holiday issue - in which the newly-returned Wolverine saves the Hanukkah holiday with his newest power. By accident, but... still.

The Merry X-Men Holiday Special is a collection of twenty-five single-page stories, 'one for each day of December 1 through December 25.' These aren't major additions to Marvel canon, of course, but simply fun excursions into mutant seasonal celebrations - and more than a few fights. The issue shows Marvel's superheroes in less common surroundings, some mutants celebrating the season with beloved family and friends, others showing some hate for the holidays (Nature Girl gets dark). A few others don't get a break from battling evil - including Wolverine, saving one family's Hanukkah with his new superheated claws!

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In Wolverine's holiday story, a family gets snowed in, meaning their imminent plans to celebrate Hanukkah have been completely foiled. Unable to easily dig out his car, the man of the house despairs their inability to drive out to buy the necessary food and gifts before the rest of their family comes to town. Thankfully, Wolverine zooms by, hot on the tail of few masked assassins. Normally that wouldn't be of much help to a family frozen by the elements, as opposed to a weather-controlling mutant supervillain.

But with Wolverine's new ability to super-heat his claws, the Canadian X-Man doesn't actually need to even acknowledge the family to bring them a Hanukkah miracle all the same. Logan doesn't stop in his pursuit, but the heat of his claws melts all the snow...  meaning Dad can drive to the mall, and Hanukkah is saved! It's is a sweet and funny little holiday story - and a perfect one for Wolverine, who isn't exactly the carols-round-the-fire type of guy.

However, it does a little bit more than just warm the cockles of our hearts; it makes sure that as many fans as possible know that not only is Wolvie back, but his claws are now red-hot. The family even comments on this new power, as one of the kids remarks that 'Wolverine's claws don't get hot like that, do they', to which Dad replies 'They do now!'.

So just in case some more casual readers haven't been keeping up with the epic Return of Wolverine (or the Hunt For Wolverine event that preceded it), everyone reading the Merry X-Men Holiday Special is now aware: Wolverine is back, and he's packing heat. Merry Mutant-mas!

Merry X-Men Holiday Special is available now from Marvel Comics.

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