Wolverine Returns To Save Canada From... The Blob?

Old Man Logan's days are running out, but the Wolverine is heading home to Canada before he goes - to save Nova Scotia from an alien blob.

With the former Wolverine's health finally failing, Old Man Logan has headed home to Canada... just in time to battle a giant alien blob terrorizing Nova Scotia. Fortunately, the former X-Man has some Canuck colleagues to help save the innocent one last time.

Our exclusive preview of Old Man Logan #47 shows how Logan and Alpha Flight plan on saving the day, relying on old-fashioned weed killer to put a hurt on the huge, purple alien that has put The Blob and The Thing to shame in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. But is the fight going to end up costing a different Marvel hero their life instead of Logan?

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The preview pages pick up right where Issue #46 ended, with Logan and Puck reliving a Stephen King mash-up taking refuge with the survivors of the attack in a Canada Post station (not quite a grocery store, but you get the idea). As they head off in search of more gardening weaponry, it's Guardian who puts himself directly in harm's way to keep the alien busy. Will Logan manage to wound the alien blob before it completely consumes him, like it did to the residents of Shag Harbour?

Take a look at the preview pages below:

It's a tragic, stomach-turning cliffhanger to be sure, and it's hard to guess what advantage Logan can bring, if any, to the heroes of Alpha Flight (other than sacrificing himself, since he has so little to lose).

The bigger question is what twists writer Ed Brisson has left to deliver, where the actual origin and mission of the alien blob is concerned. Most readers may not realize that this Old Man Logan arc seems to be paying off a mystery fifty years in the making. A mystery that started when a strange, glowing object crashed into the waters off Shag Harbour back in 1967, leaving no trace of evidence behind for the RCMP and Navy in pursuit. The tidbit of Canadian UFO history clearly isn't lost on the Scarborough, Ontario-born Brisson, since he began this alien horror show in the exact same way.

What answers Brisson and Damian Couceiro may offer, if any, is the real narrative hook. And our hats are off to the storytellers for giving Logan not a world-changing final battle, but one of the smallest, grass-roots stakes: showing Shag Harbour residents that most close encounters go much, much worse than their own.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

OLD MAN LOGAN (2018) #47

Published: September 12, 2018

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art: Damian Couceiro

Cover Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACKNESS OF SPACE! What is it? And what does it want with Logan? The Marvel U’s newest alien menace is on the loose and ready to start a rampage…

Old Man Logan #47 will be available September 12th, 2018 from Marvel Comics.

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