Wolverine Debuts His New Comic Book Superpower

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Return of Wolverine #2 

Logan has returned to the Marvel Universe, but he's definitely not the same as he was - and Wolverine has a new power: red hot claws. This latest ability made its debut in this week's Return of Wolverine #2, as a resurrected Logan sets out with his new friend to try and save her son from a mysterious evil organization. So far, so superhero, but Wolvie's return hasn't been entirely straightforward.

The build up to the Return of Wolverine series took place over several months, with Hunt For Wolverine, an event that brought together heroes from all over the Marvel Universe to search for the famous X-Men hero after it was revealed that his body was no longer in its grave. The various teams were unsuccessful in finding Logan, but they did find Soteira, the current foe that Wolverine is facing. In Return of Wolverine #1, Logan woke up in a camp, fighting for his life, and completely unaware of who he was. Ana, a scientist who worked for the company, has told him a little of his past, and he's found a shiny new (black) Wolverine costume, but he's still figuring out who he is in the second issue - which includes figuring out how his powers have changed.

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Return of Wolverine #2 starts with Wolverine and Ana on a boat, tracking the Soteira soldiers in an attempt to figure out what is happening and get Ana's son back. They're making headway when their boat is attacked by more soldiers (with superpowers), and although Ana manages to take one down with a harpoon, Wolverine is left to battle the other - who has a familiar face (or familiar arm) to Marvel fans. After some claw-on-claw action, Wolverine notices that something unexpected is happening - his claws are glowing red-hot.

They are so hot, in fact, that he is able to pull a fuel line and ignite the petrol on fire with his claws, which then sets his enemy alight, and leaves Wolverine and Ana to catch up to the boat they are looking for... with the help of Wolverine's ability to track scent.

As with Return of Wolverine #1, there's a lot going on this issue, as Wolverine tries to take care of the present threat while still working out who he used to be and what happened. As he fights Daken (his son), and Daken's unmistakable tattoo is revealed, Wolverine starts to have flashbacks. By the end of the issue, he's sure that he knew the man he just set on fire, but he doesn't know how (and that's not going to be a fun realization). However, the biggest moment of the issue is definitely the use of his brand new heat-claws.

Fans who have been keeping up with Wolverine news will know that this new power isn't a surprise - it was announced before the character's in-comic return, along with his new black suit. This is the first time that we are seeing it in action, though, and it looks incredibly cool. This is going to lead to some serious new moves as Wolverine starts to get a handle on who he is, making him more dangerous than ever - and of course, it's also just fun to see such a well-known character getting a new power to play with.

Return of Wolverine #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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