Scott Adkins Hopes Hugh Jackman Plays Wolverine in the MCU

Scott Adkins hopes Hugh Jackman changes his mind and comes back to play Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Doctor Strange and X-Men Origins: Wolverine actor is one of few who can say he's appeared in both the MCU and Fox's X-Men universe, so he has a bit of a unique perspective on the Disney-Fox merger. And now that Disney has both mega-franchises under the same umbrella, plenty of possibilities have opened up for future MCU installments. That includes the potential addition of all kinds of X-Men characters.

It remains up in the air exactly how the X-Men universe will factor into future productions set in the MCU. But it is known that the Disney-Fox deal will not affect any that are already in motion. X-Men fans will certainly want Wolverine to be one of the mutants that makes his way into upcoming Marvel movies, but Hugh Jackman's promise to retire from performing as the character would complicate that a bit. Adkins, for one, hopes that the Logan star changes his mind.

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Speaking to Comic Book, Adkins expressed excitement for the Disney-Fox deal and the opportunities ahead for the MCU adding the X-Men to its stories. Adkins, who played Weapon XI in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Lucian in Doctor Strange, also made it clear that if and when Wolverine comes back, he wants Jackman to continue to be the one to portray him. Even if it makes more sense to start fresh with a younger actor. Here's what Adkins said:

"I actually hope Hugh Jackman comes back to play Wolverine, if they're going to do that. [But] if he's had enough, then that's up to him of course. Maybe, if you're going to [bring Wolverine back], you need somebody who's getting ready to do a bunch of more movies and not just a one-off."

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men Origins The Wolverine and Logan

If you're upset that Jackman intends to walk away from playing Logan/Wolverine forever, you can blame Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian advised Jackman at a recent dinner to "leave the party before it gets too late," referring to his decision to end his eponymous sitcom before it declined too sharply. MCU star Sebastian Stan admitted at a recent panel that he's spoken to Jackman about possibly reprising his role, so it's clear that the Australian actor is hearing plenty of talk about his possible return. Especially since the Disney-Fox deal.

Wolverine is the most iconic character of all the X-Men, certainly the most popular. So it would be practically irresponsible for Disney not to include him in some capacity in future installments of the MCU. Although Jackman's version of the mutant died at the end of Logan and he's remained adamant about moving on from the character, there's clearly still some demand for him in particular to portray him. So Adkins has reason to remain optimistic that Jackman could potentially change his mind amid all the chatter - especially if the money speaks the loudest.

Yet, despite the calls for Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine in some way, Disney may end up with no choice but to start over and get a new actor. That wouldn't necessarily be the worst thing for the MCU, and it would be a win-win since Jackman would be able to stay retired from the character. And Jackman even said that he'd prefer a new actor to take the reins. But since there won't be any X-Men joining any Spider-Man or Avengers movies already in production, it could be a while before that decision is made anyway.

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Source: Comic Book

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