Logan Promo with Deadpool May Be Arriving Soon

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After a few rocky years, the X-Men universe that Fox has slowly built is finally winning over fans and critics again. Legion is being praised as a singular vision, Deadpool became a surprise hit last year due to its idiosyncratic nature, and Logan is already receiving rave reviews. We've heard that the success of Deadpool allowed Logan to tell its isolated, R-rated taleLogan is also said to build off of the success of Deadpool, offering its own unique take on the X-Men universe while staying primarily focused on a single protagonist and his small band of allies and enemies.

Meanwhile, we've heard for months about the potential of Deadpool and Wolverine joining forces. Considering Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are real life friends, and Fox would love to cash in on the success of their two most popular Marvel characters, the idea of a team-up film has been circulating for awhile. There's also been a rumor that Reynolds would show up in Logan, as he reportedly shot something for the film a few months back. Speculation has since turned towards a post-credits scene, as a tag was recently confirmed for the new movie. A new report, however, suggests something else entirely.

Umberto Gonzalez, a reporter at The Wrap, took to Twitter with word that the scene Reynolds shot will actually be part of a promo for Logan, rather than something that will appear in the film. Gonzalez himself was the one to first report Reynolds had filmed a scene for Logan.

Looks like what Ryan shot as Deadpool is in fact an upcoming promo for Logan featuring Stan Lee & not a post-credit scene.

— Umberto Gonzalez (@elmayimbe) February 21, 2017

The mention of Stan Lee could certainly mean the scene was at one point meant to be in the film. Then again, it could be that while Reynolds and Lee were wanted for cameos, they thematically weren't a match for the film. Rather than scrap the idea, it makes sense that all involved would find a fun way to capitalize on the concept. There's no word yet on when the promo will arrive, if it does at all, but it's likely to come out soon as the movie's release is little more than a week away.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 2 is reportedly all set to begin filming in the spring. The movie is said to feature Cable and Domino in big roles, but no word yet on whether Jackman will make a cameo. Logan is said to be his last outing as Wolverine, but we've heard that before from the actor. Still, he recently stated he's up to the idea of the role being recast, so perhaps this will be his swan song.

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Source: Umberto Gonzalez

Key Release Dates
  • Deadpool 2 (2018) release date: May 18, 2018
  • Logan (2017) release date: Mar 03, 2017
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