Wolverine & Hulk Just Killed Each Other in The Comics

Warning: SPOILERS for Old Man Logan #50

The Old Man Logan comic has come to an end, as Marvel's elderly Wolverine and his evil Hulk nemesis throw one last battle to the death... that actually claims both of their lives. So, who's ready for Dead Man Logan?

The old Wolverine best known as 'Old Man Logan' has been dying for months in Marvel's comic universe, with his healing factor finally giving out in his old age, and his body failing along with it due to adamantium poisoning finally taking hold. With his days numbered, he set out to settle his last feud Maestro, the alternate universe, incredibly evil tyrant version of the Hulk. But Wolverine is no match for a Hulk in his weakened state... making their ensuing fights one of the more brutal beatings the hero has ever taken.

The fight arrives in Old Man Logan #50, as the man once called Wolverine spends what's left of his strength - and life - killing the cruel old Hulk in spectacular fashion. But to be fair... Hulk does kill Wolverine first.

The Evil Hulk Maestro vs. Old Man Logan

Those who were already reading the Old Man Logan series in recent years know that just as the old Wolverine was folded into the main Marvel Universe from his own, so too did Maestro, an evil and cruel version of the Hulk follow close behind. Born in a world where Bruce Banner spent a century soaking up nuclear radiation, Maestro's search for a world to conquer brought him up against Old Man Logan (himself an elderly, time-tossed former hero). Logan managed to defeat him a few years ago... but that was before his healing factor faded.

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So when Wolverine learns that Maestro has turned the small town of Fort Wells in Canada's Northwest Territories into his barbarian kingdom, Logan sets out to defeat him before dying himself. And since this version of the Hulk has only gotten stronger with time... things don't go too well for Wolverine.

King Hulk Kills The Wolverine

As Old Man Logan admits when the first punch hits him, he's made a horrible mistake heading straight into a fight with Maestro. Where he has grown weaker, the alternate universe version of Logan's good friend Banner has gotten even stronger. And almost immediately, Logan pays for it by being hammered with the kind of brutality the good Hulk hardly ever let loose. But in Logan's defense, he did plan to have a way of evening the odds: his last, massive dose of the drug 'Regenix.' The only substance able to restore Logan's healing factor and general vitality, Regenix was eventually revealed to be boosting him back to Wolverine levels at a price.

The more Regenix returns Logan to his former strength, the more damage it does when the high subsides. Considering his frail state, and the size of the dose Logan brought with him, this wasn't a fight he planned to walk away from. The bad news? Logan had his belongings - Regenix included - stolen from him upon entering Maestro's town. But the good news is he doesn't have long to worry about it. Wolverine is killed... but he doesn't stay that way.

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