Wolverine is The Infinity Gauntlet's NEW Master

Gamora Has The Infinity Stones, Not Thanos

Fans are still reeling from the Thanos snap in Avengers: Infinity War, which demonstrated the awesome power of both Thanos and the Gauntlet for a whole new generation of comic movie enthusiasts. But where the Infinity Stones’ future in the MCU seems unclear, the cosmic gems have been a regular headache in Marvel comics. The most recent example being the outbreak of the still-ongoing Infinity Wars event, which saw Gamora - not Thanos - gather the Infinity Stones to rewrite reality. In the process, create more than one front to the ensuing conflict (hence the Wars title).

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After Gamora removed Thanos’ head and started killing her fellow Guardians of the Galaxy to achieve her goal, it was assumed that the Marvel cosmos would be less hectic after Infinity Wars ended. But Wolverine has driven his adamantium claws straight through that hope, as he's want to do. The biggest question, however, is exactly how the Infinity Stones are going to find their way back into their famous Gauntlet, considering where Loki has taken them in the latest Infinity Wars twist.

Loki Got The Infinity Stones... Then Lost Their Power

Since figuring out exactly how Wolverine gets his hand in the Gauntlet has the potential for a Logan/Loki crossover, fans are going to want to know the status quo of the Power, Time, Reality, Space, Soul, and Mind Stones. But that explanation is easier said than done. Considering Loki just witnessed them losing their power completely. At least, that's what seemed to happen. After uniting his own team of Soul World Avengers to ambush and overpower Gamora, their plan totally worked, stripping the daughter of Thanos of all the Infinity Stones. Of course, Loki being Loki, he swapped out the whole collection and claimed their power for himself - choosing to travel to the source of the Infinity Stones’ power, if they truly were created at all.

And that's how Loki came face to face with a group of Celestials - the ancient cosmic giants credited with forming the Marvel Universe out of nothingness. When Loki arrived behind their curtain, he let the Infinity Stones fall to the ground, along with the hundreds of others seemingly mined in this Celestial gathering place. Even though he immediately sensed that the Infinity Stones had no power here, he did keep them in his possession. So no matter what secrets of the Infinity Stones are revealed come next issue - who made them, why, and how many others realities have been rewritten before the Celestials’ eyes - they're coming back into Marvel's Universe with a brand new perspective.

The debate to decide whose claws Marvel has shown inside the Infinity Gauntlet will continue for the foreseeable future, but for now, which version of Wolverine are YOU hoping to see wield this awesome power? And perhaps even more importantly… how do you hope to see them use it?

Wolverine: Infinity Watch will begin in February of 2019.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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