Wolverine is The Infinity Gauntlet's NEW Master

Thanos may own the Infinity Gauntlet in Marvel’s movies, but in the comics the all-powerful glove is about to get a new master... in the Wolverine.

That's the unexpected but undeniable tease offered up by Marvel Comics with the first image and announcement of Wolverine: Infinity Watch. Even if Wolverine is still returning from the grave and back into the Marvel Universe, the cover art leaves no doubt. The Infinity Gauntlet will return, and Wolverine will be the one to wear it, with his signature claws adding to its Infinity Stone power. The twist raises some massive questions about exactly which Wolverine will claim the gauntlet, and how, considering who's wearing it at present. But you best believe he's going to do more than snap, bub.

Wolverine is Getting The Infinity Gauntlet

The tease may be more than comic book fans have dared to hope, but there's no misinterpreting it. Coming early next year, the famed group responsible for protecting the Infinity Stones from those who might use them for selfish purposes - the "Infinity Watch" will apparently be making their return. Well... perhaps with just Wolverine handling the job, judging by the first cover art from Giuseppe Camuncoli for Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1, coming from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Andy MacDonald. An image is worth a thousand words, so check out the teaser image and the first hint at the story from Duggan himself:


Once the shock and instant anticipation of seeing Logan wield this cosmic power wears off, fans are going to have some questions. On the one hand, a promotion to wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet would fit with the rest of the marketing push Marvel is putting into Wolverine's return to the spotlight. A fact demonstrated by the other recent comic to make Wolverine the last host of the Phoenix Force. What can we say - seeing Logan become a cosmic juggernaut if a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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That being said, the famous Logan who first held the "wolverine" moniker isn't the only clawed hand possibly being teased. Heck, he's not even the only Wolverine anymore. And trust us, one of the other versions of Logan could sure use a weapon like the Gauntlet themselves. With Marvel's recent run of misdirection and last-page-twists, we wouldn't count out any of the other choices.

Which Wolverine is Wearing The Gauntlet?

Considering Marvel's confidence in teasing a clawed hand inside the Infinity Gauntlet, it shouldn't be assumed that appearances are exactly as they seem. After all, the heroes of Marvel didn't go without a Wolverine of any kind while the original Logan was doing his best impression of Superman's not-death-Kryptonian-coma. The version of Wolverine made famous in the Old Man Logan series was plucked out of his nightmarish, villain-ruled future wasteland and dropped into the main Marvel reality years ago. And in the time since, has helped scratch the itch for Wolverine fans, even joining a version or two of the X-Men. Now that Old Man Logan has been killed by the Hulk (seemingly, anyway) and is about to star in his own Dead Man Logan farewell series, his path crossing with the Infinity Gauntlet can be ruled out.

Old Man Logan isn't alone, either. There's the version of Wolverine that Gamora created to inhabit Soul World to consider, especially after Loki and his ragtag Avengers left the mutant behind without much fanfare. Anything is possible when the Infinity Stones and alternate realities are involved, after all. Then there's the Ultimate Wolverine's Son Jimmy, similarly pulled out of his dying universe to be dropped onto the roster of the X-Men: Blue. The last time Jimmy made headlines he was wrestling with being more than just Wolverine's Son, but a new Venom hybrid. His claws match his father's, which alone means he's as likely a candidate as anyone.

No matter the identity of the Gauntlet's new own, the Infinity Stones destined to be mounted in it may be the real mystery. Considering that, at this very moment, their future is more confusing and uncertain than even the Marvel movies themselves...

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