15Wolverine #8 (1989)

Wolverine v Hulk Patch Fixit

Wolverine, currently going by Patch, lures the Hulk - now Joe Fixit - to Madripoor, then proceeds to provoke and trick Fixit into doing all his dirty work taking out a local mob. In fact, Patch spends at least as much

time trying to get Fixit to admit he's the Hulk (switching out his luggage with nothing but purple pants, constantly trying to make him angry) as he does actually stopping all the drug manufacturing and kidnappping that's going on. And the less said about Wolverine baiting Fixit by getting Bruce Banner prostitutes, the better.

This issue seems to know it's a tease from the start. When Patch and Fixit first meet face-to-face, bar patrons start taking bets on who's going to win the inevitable fight ... but the two titans don't even so much as make a fist. Instead, they walk out the door like business partners. In fact, only one punch is thrown between the two of them, when Fixit clobbers Patch at the end. One punch! Anyway, the cover's become kind of iconic, so at least there's that.

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