Hugh Jackman Putting Wolverine Claws Back On Just 'One Last Time'

For a while now director James Mangold and X-Men franchise star Hugh Jackman have been at work on a story for a third solo Wolverine movie, a project opening in theaters in 2017 that would followup on their work together on 2013's The Wolverine. Jackman suited up as the iconic superhero again shortly after that adventure for X-Men: Days of Future Past which seemed to guarantee his return in next summer's X-Men Apocalypse but now we're not so sure.

After flip-flopping back and forth in recent years about his stance on playing Wolverine for years to come, Jackman went from admitting the character would certainly be recast in the future (and almost was in Days of Future Past) to saying more recently he wants to keep playing the character for years to come, even to the day he dies.

On social media however, he just shared the alarming and surprising image and note for what we can only assume is Wolverine 3. From Jackman's official Instagram and Twitter accounts:

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