How Hugh Jackman Decided to Stop Playing Wolverine After Logan

Hugh Jackman decided to stop playing Wolverine after he got advice from Jerry Seinfeld. After 17 years and nine movies it has not been easy for fans to say goodbye to Jackman as the gruff, cigar loving mutant. But Jackman has been adamant about leaving the role behind, and even made the suggestion that Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan take over the part.

While Jackman might have made a different choice if it looked like Wolverine would get to meet the Avengers, that was not on the table when he made his decision. Now he says he's looking forward to seeing the next actor who dons the claws getting that opportunity. He has also joked about returning to the role for a movie musical. Still, he certainly decided to walk away on a high note, with Logan being highly acclaimed and even getting an Oscar push from the studio - which is rare for a comic book movie.


And now he's revealed the reason he decided to bring his long tenure to an end. Speaking to Variety, Jackman told the story of how he was having dinner with his friend Jerry Seinfeld and asked the comedian how he decided to end his long running and successful sitcom. Seinfeld advised Jackman to "leave the party before it gets too late," and to let whatever creative energy Jackman still had spur him into the next project. By the next morning, Jackman was encouraged to make Logan his last movie as Wolverine, and to make it about Logan as a human rather than a hero.

It's hard to remember a time before Jackman was famous in America. He's been a leading man in Hollywood for almost two decades, starred on Broadway, and hosted both the Oscars and the Tony Awards. When he was first given the chance to play the comic book hero, he was actually taking over the role from Dougray Scott.  Audiences were unsure about seeing the little known Australian actor take over the role - mostly due to Jackman being a foot taller than Wolverine is in the comics - but X-Men made Jackman into a huge star seemingly overnight. In fact, it's Scott's kindness towards Jackman over the role which has helped inspire Jackman to be so kind to whoever will play Wolverine next.

While it is bound to be strange seeing any actor besides Jackman take on the popular role, it is clear that Jackman is confident he made the right decision to walk away after Logan. And it is certainly hard to argue he could ever end things on a higher note than that.


Source: Variety

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