Wolverine Just Used His Blood To Save A Dead Avenger


Warning: SPOILERS for Savage Avengers #2

Wolverine has just proved his healing factor can truly do the impossible. granting ner-immortality not just to himself... but to one of his Savage Avengers teammates. But just what life awaits somebody with Wolverine's blood flowing through their veins? Brother Voodoo is about to find out.

Since Wolverine returned from the dead, fans have been rediscovering his superpower limits right along with him. First came the new power (Wolverine's claws glowing red hot), and now in Savage Avengers #2 readers are shown a brand new use for Logan's original mutant healing factor. Wolverine can now heal other people--even bringing them back from the dead. Fans will want to know just how he does it... but fair warning that squeamish readers may not want the details, since they're gory to say the least.

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To end the first issue of the series, Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato, Jr. pulled no punches, having Brother Voodoo learn what it feels like to have one's throat ripped out by the Sickle Priest (who's on a mission to collect the blood of powerful figures, and summon the Marrow God in the Savage Lands). Coincidentally, Wolverine just so happens to be nearby, searching for a friend similarly abducted. Arriving too late to save Brother Voodoo, the hairy Canuck witnesses his death--sending him into a rage, killing all the members of The Hand around him. The Sickle Priest escapes, but the body of Brother Voodoo remains. Not willing to let another friend die in front of him, Logan performs a little... open heart surgery.

Wolverine Blood Heals a Dead Heart

First, by cutting three deep wounds into his own hand, he Logan cuts Voodoo's chest wide open to expose his heart. Letting his blood flow directly into Voodoo's exposed chest cavity--then resting his hand on Voodoo's un-beating heart to begin manually pumping it--Logan's inner dialogue admits that he's hoping for the best, and as unsure as the reader as to this method's effectiveness at resurrecting the near-dead. The surgery is cut short when The Hand's reinforcements arrive, but just as Logan is looking like a pin cushion, riddled with arrows, a weary Brother Voodoo appears behind him. Weak, but alive, Voodoo uses his powers to make The Hand members disappear before thanking Wolverine for helping him.

The Wolverine was able to use his mutant blood to resurrect Brother Voodoo, injecting enough of his healing factor to get his blood and heart pumping once again. But what will this blood transfusion do to the powers of Brother Voodoo? Since these are the Savage Avengers we're talking about, it's safe to assume that the truth will be revealed in time--and in as epic fashion as possible.

Savage Avengers #2 is available now from your local comic book shop, and direct from Marvel Comics.

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