Cyclops versus Wolverine

As soon as Wolverine joined the X-Men, he began to butt heads with team-leader Cyclops. Their very different approaches to conflict aside, their rivalry for the heart of Jean Grey gave the two heroes an added edge to their hostility. Over the years, the two remained cool towards each

other, but began to respect their differences.

Eventually the two began to partner up more and more often, with Wolverine becoming Cyclops’ right hand on numerous missions. Cyclops created a version of X-Force, a clandestine team of mutants, led by Wolverine to do the jobs that the X-Men could not be seen to do. Cyclops trusted Wolverine implicitly.

However, during the “Schism” storyline, all that changed. Whereas Cyclops felt that all mutants had to fight as X-Men, regardless of their age, Wolverine felt that he’d always been a weapon and that the X-Kids deserved to be kept safe and have a childhood. The conflict ended with the two engaged in a ruthless battle, ended only by the arrival of a Sentinel.

The two parted ways, with Wolverine taking half the X-Men and students with him. They would cross swords again during the Avengers Versus X-Men storyline, with Wolverine siding with the Avengers to bring Cyclops down once and for all after the latter was possessed by the Phoenix Force.

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