Wolverine Dies To Make Thor Marvel's Strongest Hero EVER

Warning: SPOILERS for Thor #6

Wolverine and Thor are the last two heroes alive at the end of time - but when they stand against the very last villain, Logan sacrifices everything... to make Thor the most powerful champion the Marvel Universe has ever seen.

Fans who thought that the previous issue in the Thor series couldn't possibly be topped - with Wolverine and Thor fighting the biggest battle ever - are in for a treat. A final showdown between Old King Thor, the last hero of the Nine Realms, and Wolverine, the last avatar of the cosmic Phoenix Force? That's an entertaining fight. And when Jason Aaron and Christian Ward ended that fight by making fans think Wolverine had bested Thor, they were only setting up the fight to come.

When Old King Thor and the Phoenix-Wolverine join together to kill Doom, the villain who has gathered up... well, all of the other magic forces left when Marvel's heroes died.

Doctor Doom: Marvel's Last Villain Alive

Once again proving that movies can never compete with the cosmic craziness of Marvel Comics, Thor #6 picks up immediately where the last issue and battle ended - and raises the stakes all over again. The last comic ended with Wolverine vanquishing Thor, and telling him that saving Earth was folly. Rather than leaving Earth and its people dead with the rest of the universe, Thor had to breathe life back into the embers... bringing the universe's greatest threat back home: Doom.

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The all-powerful form of the villain who used to be known as simply Doctor Doom is something to behold. Boasting the powers of Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Starbrand, Ghost Rider, and who knows how many other heroes who fell to those strengths combined, Doom has truly ascended to godhood. A point demonstrated when he brushes aside the attacks of even Thor's granddaughters without breaking a sweat.

So it makes sense that he should set fire to the gardens fighting for life on Earth, and threaten to do the same to the few humans who dare to exist without his permission. Until the Earth's last heroes arrive to remind Doom they still can't stand him.

King Thor & Phoenix-Wolverine Join Forces

Doom points out just how dead the universe truly is, despite these colorful characters turning the abyss into a light show of cosmic conflict. According to Doom, the immortal powers of the Phoenix Force and the divine Asgardian Odin Force-- sorry, Thor Force are the only powers not yet claimed. But getting them won't be as, now that Thor apparently convinced Logan to fight by his side in defense of Earth.

It's a moment sure to be appreciated by Wolverine fans who felt a bit disappointed that the Phoenix-Wolverine's awesome power was somewhat marred by his desire to kill Thor and the life he had breathed back onto Earth. Still a hothead when charged up as the Cosmic Berserker, it seems Thor eventually talked Logan's inner superhero back to the surface. And as the pair show Doom he's not the only remainder of the Age of Marvel Heroes left... Wolverine can't help but get cocky.

Wolverine is Burned Alive By Marvel's Greatest Magic

Over-confidence proves seriously brutal, despite Wolverine and Thor teasing Doom as a newbie when it comes to playing God (both having untold millennia under their belts). As Logan begins to prepare for his celebratory beer, having proven he didn't even need to outnumber Doom to defeat him, the villain makes him pay. The Phoenix Force is mighty, but the combined magic of the Starbrand, Doctor Strange's sorcery, and the fires of the Spirit of Vengeance pack a punch Wolverine could never see coming.

Immortal or regenerating as the former X-Man may be, Thor is forced to watch as Doom burns Wolverine as he has never been torched before. The bad news? We hope readers are prepared to see Wolverine reduced to a skeleton. The good news? Well... this fight is only about to get more incredible.

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