Logan Producer Downplays Possibility Of A Wolverine-Deadpool Movie

Logan and Deadpool

Logan producer Simon Kinberg has thrown a bucket of cold water on hopes for a Deadpool-Wolverine crossover film with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The two characters led the way in the R-rated superhero movie revolution, and now fans want to see Wolverine and Deadpool team up for the ultimate X-Men universe crossover film. There's only one problem with that idea: Wolverine definitively died at the end of 2017's blockbuster Logan.

In the wake of Logan, Hugh Jackman put to bed once and for all any hopes of seeing him back on-screen as Wolverine, the character he so memorably brought to life across nine movies (including cameos). But Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds doesn't seem to care that Jackman has retired from playing Wolverine, and keeps calling for the two to team up. Recently, Reynolds and Jackman made some appearances together during the marketing build-up for Deadpool 2, further stoking conversation about a crossover.

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But now perhaps those talks have been shut down forever, thanks to new comments by Logan producer Simon Kinberg. Speaking to Variety from the Deadpool 2 premiere, Kinberg said in his mind Wolverine went out like a champion and most likely won't be back:

I know that's something that Ryan [Reynolds] has been harassing Hugh Jackman about for a long time. But I produced Logan and I think we all felt like that was a really fitting end for that character. So is there a chance? There's always a chance I suppose, but I think we felt like that was the best goodbye for Hugh as Wolverine.

Wolverine in Deadpool 15 Team-Up

Jackman also recently addressed Reynolds' Deadpool-Wolverine campaign, jokingly accusing Reynolds of acting desperate. Much of this smacks of friendly banter between two stars who are trying to sell movies (and Jackman clearly still feels he has a stake in the X-Men universe even if he's no longer actively acting in the films). But even if most of this is just marketing disguised as friendly by-play, it's also undeniable that every time Reynolds brings up the crossover idea, it leads to more conversation and more questions.

Now however, it seems Kinberg has stepped in and finally squashed speculation about Deadpool-Wolverine ever happening, at least, with Jackman involved. That last part is very important, as there is always the chance a different actor could step into the Wolverine role. Jackman himself in fact has given his blessing to Wolverine one day being resurrected as long as he's not the man playing the character. So perhaps Wolverine could still pop up in a future Deadpool or X-Force movie. But would the team-up have the same impact if it's not Jackman? Comic book fans no doubt would love to see Wolverine and Deadpool go toe-to-toe regardless of the actors playing them. But for movie fans who associate Jackman with Wolverine, some other actor taking on the part might rob the whole affair of a lot of its fun, if not make it downright pointless.

For his part, Reynolds certainly seems keen on Jackman being the man who plays Wolverine when/if he and Deadpool ever come face to face. And Reynolds, as we know, has a strange way of getting his way when it comes to all things Deadpool-related. So perhaps with all his clout, not to mention his powers of persuasion, he could still pull Jackman back into the fold.

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Source: Variety

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