Did Marvel Actually Kill This X-Men Movie Villain?

Warning: SPOILERS For Hunt For Wolverine: Claws of a Killer #3

The Hunt For Wolverine continues in the Marvel Universe, and while there have been a couple of glimpses of Logan (or someone who looks like him!), the teams that set out to discover what left his grave empty have found themselves in all kinds of trouble. In Madripoor, an all-female X-Men team are divided and captured by a surprising foe (Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor), while Iron Man's team up with Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones has led to the discovery that Mr Sinister has a new evil plot a-brewing... but not to Wolverine himself (Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda). Finally, in Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost, Daredevil and his team have discovered that their clues didn't lead to Logan, but to Albert, the Reaver-built Wolverine replica.

It seems that no one is having any luck in their search for the man himself - and the heroes of the Marvel universe still don't know if Wolverine is even back from the dead, or if they are looking for a grave robber.

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This week in Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #3, it seems that the fourth Marvel team who went looking for Logan are having the worst luck yet - as they are trapped in a desert town with a horde of zombies, a group of mysterious military men, and no healing factors. Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth and Daken discovered the creepy town in Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #1, after tracking an adamantium signal that they thought belonged to Wolverine. Since then, they have failed to find him, and instead have found themselves with their healing powers dampened, battling zombies and trying to figure out how to salvage the situation... which looks like it may be impossible for Lady Deathstrike, who meets what might just be her end this issue.

As Deathstrike, Sabretooth and Daken are attempting to fight their way out of town, they are ambushed by the mysterious military men that seem to have something to do with the zombie outbreak here. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem for these mutants, but one by one they discover that these aren't just any old soldiers. They are wearing the faces of the dead. As Lady Deathstrike fights, she pulls the scarf from the face of the man she is fighting, and sees that it is none other than her dead father. In shock, she lets her guard down, and he stabs her through the chest.

It's a wound that wouldn't normally even slow her down, but without their healing factors, this may be the end of Deathstrike. The last we see of her in the issue is lying on the ground in a pool of blood, refusing to get up and try to keep fighting. Sabretooth and Daken manage to get away for a moment, but are quickly followed by another soldier, leaving us to wonder what will happen to them all in the final issue of the mini-series.

Of course, it's highly possible that Lady Deathstrike isn't actually dead - and she wouldn't even be the first character to appear to meet her end in the Hunt For Wolverine. In Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost, it looked as though Cypher was a goner, but he was saved by medical tech at the last minute. In this series, there are a few ways that Deathstrike could survive that killing blow; Sabretooth and Daken could find the device that is stopping their healing factors from working in time to save her, or the mysterious dead military men (who seem very interested in acquiring the three interlopers) may patch her up in order to use her for some nefarious, zombie-related plot. We'll find out whether she survives in Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #4, in stores August 15th.

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Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #3 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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