What Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Would Look Like as Wolverine

Power Rangers - Dacre Montgomery as Jason

Fan art shows what Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery could look like as Marvel Studios' Wolverine. For someone who was initially a wild card when cast, Hugh Jackman grew in the role of Wolverine for Fox. After 17 years of playing the raging mutant, Jackman hung up his claws after a brilliant performance in Logan. His send off appeared to happen at the perfect time too, as Disney soon agreed to buy Fox. While the purchase is still awaiting regulatory approval, once complete, Marvel is expected to reboot the X-Men and Fantastic Four - bringing them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the reboot looming, fans have already begun suggesting who should take on these iconic characters next. Whoever is cast as Wolverine will have huge shoes to fill, assuming Marvel doesn't convince Jackman to return. While many think Tom Hardy would be a perfect choice, Marvel could look younger to keep him as a staple of their universe for decades to come. Should that be the route they ultimately go, maybe Dacre Montgomery should get the call.

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BossLogic debuted two more of his amazing designs that put Montgomery in the role. This actually isn't the first time he's suggested Montgomery for the part, as he included him in his huge Stranger Things-inspired X-Men reboot. After being the lead in Power Rangers, Montgomery made a big impact by playing Billy in season 2 of Stranger Things. Many have been eager to see what he does next, and by the look of these designs, he'd certainly be able to pull off the look of a new Wolverine.

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Considering Disney and Fox's deal is not yet complete, it may be a bit too early to think about who could play a new version of Wolverine. After all, we have no idea how quickly Marvel would integrate these characters to begin with. Not only that, but after Jackman's long run as the character where he became synonymous with the role, they could ultimately decide to wait a bit longer to introduce a new version of Wolverine.

But if Marvel does usher in a new wave of X-Men as soon as they can, there's a pretty good chance Wolverine is included. He's one of the biggest X-Men characters and is clearly popular with moviegoers, even if it isn't Jackman in the role anymore. Montgomery would still be in his mid to late 20s by the time he'd make a debut, allowing him to play Wolverine for years. He's also shown some range in his two most notable roles (and teased interest in fellow superhero role Nightwing), so taking on the adamantium-enhanced mutant next could be a nice career turn - if Marvel gives him the chance.

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Source: BossLogic

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