Wolverine is BACK in His Classic Comic Costume

Wolverine is back in his classic brown-and-yellow costume from the comics. The X-Men's most famous mutant died in 2014's Death of Wolverine miniseries, but the Canucklehead has never been one to let a little thing like death hold him back. Marvel's spent the last year explaining the mystery of Wolverine's resurrection.

Now that Wolverine is back, he's joined up with the X-Men. The bulk of the X-Men are believed dead after a battle involving two Omega-level mutants, Nate Grey and Legion. In the X-Men's absence, humanity has enacted dangerous anti-mutant legislation, and there's even an anti-mutant vaccine in circulation. Fortunately two of the most significant X-Men have come back from the dead at the same time - Wolverine and Cyclops - and the two best frenemies are creating a new team.

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Although Wolverine has yet to don a costume in the pages of an X-Men comic since his resurrection, the solicitations and covers are making it increasingly clear that he's going back to the classic brown-and-yellow uniform. He can be seen wearing it on the covers of Uncanny X-Men #14, #15, and #17; and he's also wearing it on the cover of Savage Avengers #1, in which he'll be teaming up with Conan the Barbarian.

There's a sense in which it shouldn't be much of a surprise to see Wolverine go back to a classic costume. The X-Men franchise is focused on nostalgia right now, and the resurrection of both Cyclops and Wolverine is a clear attempt to draw old readers back to the fold. Like Wolverine, Cyclops too is back to wearing his Jim Lee '90s outfit. And yet, in Wolverine's case, it is a little more unexpected to see him choosing the brown-and-tan suit over the more famous yellow-and-blue. There are two possible reasons Marvel has avoided the latter, though. The first is that the majority of the costumes Wolverine's worn over the last 20 years have been variations on it, so it really wouldn't stand out much. The second is that the brown-and-tan gives Wolverine a raw, almost animalistic feel. It's perfectly suited for a darker period in X-Men history, which even seems to be heading back to the "Days of Future Past" timeline, and it certainly fits well with the Savage Avengers team.

The X-Men have tended to change costumes more than any other superheroes. In fact, at his peak, Wolverine was actually switching between three different outfits depending on which book he was in, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Logan switch things up fairly soon and add some variation to the classic brown-and-tan. For now, though, he's back in some pretty famous duds.

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