Wolverine Just Delivered His Most Memorable Kill EVER

Wolverine Best Comic Book Kill

Warning: SPOILERS for Savage Avengers #5

The Wolverine has delivered some incredible attacks, unforgettable fights, and unparalleled kills... but his latest mission has ended in what can only be described as a Marvel fan's most gruesome dream come true. Forget Mutants or monsters: Wolverine just slayed an honest to goodness GOD. With some help from his Savage Avengers, of course.

If any X-Men fans missed Logan's recruitment onto the deadliest Avengers team in history, now is the time to get reading. Because no fan of Wolverine should miss out on this. This thing of brutal beauty, arriving in the latest issue of Savage Avengers #5. The story to this point has seen Conan the Barbarian join the Marvel Universe, along with his sorcerer nemesis Kulan Gath. But to foil the magician's latest scheme of conjuring a world-ending demonic God, Conan needs the help of Wolverine, the Venom symbiote, the Punisher, Elektra, Brother Voodoo, and a centuries-old symbiote sword.

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If that sounds like an incredible battle waiting to happen, don't worry: the gigantic Marrow God is successfully brought into the world, giving the heroes a chance to kill it in unforgettable fashion. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato, Jr. enjoy every single panel of this outrageous battle, making the earlier scene of Wolverine bleeding his healing factor into Voodoo's chest cavity seem positively tame by comparison. Especially once Wolverine gets his chance to battle an otherworldly Marrow God his own size. Or at least, lowered to it.

Wolverine Savage Avengers Kill God

We'll spare readers the details and simply say that Kulan Gath is not playing around, conjuring a demonic centaur the size of a building and growing fast--otherwise known as The Marrow God, consumer of entire planets' worth of sentient beings. To prevent this deity from destroying all of Earth, these so-called Savage Avengers need to come up with a plan true to their name. Or, failing that, hit the thing hard enough to knock it over and onto the ground so its throat winds up at perfect slashing height. At least, that's 'Plan A.'

Proving just how spontaneous and improvisational a problem solver he can truly be, Wolverine quickly realizes that the hide of a Marrow God is too enchanted to fully succumb to the slashes of adamantium claws. But remembering what he learned in school--that even mystical demonic centaur gods need a brain to do anything else--Logan resorts to his back-up plan, consisting of plunging both of his claws into The Marrow God's head. Unfortunately, the bone of a building-sized god is even thicker, lodging Logan's claws in the creature's skull. And that is the EXACT reason to have some bloodthirsty teammates by your side at all times.

Just to avoid confusion, fans shouldn't mistake the symbiote sword/hammer being wielded by Conan the Barbarian as the same one from Marvel's aforementioned War of The Realms. That weapon was formed when the Venom symbiote was claimed by Malekith--while Conan's symbiote-powered arm is actually a friendly companion. Who is perfectly matched with the mighty warrior.

Savage Avengers Conan Symbiote Hammer

As part of Kulan Gath's summoning ritual (to which all these Savage Avengers were first drawn), the spells demanded the an alien symbiote--this sad specimen seen above, after being trapped in a small jar for a century at least. So when these Avengers smashed it free in their battle with Kulan Gath's forces, and Conan the Barbarian was fatally impaled... the symbiote saw its chance to pay back the debt. Merging with Conan, it stopped the bleeding before being subconsciously drawn to his right arm, and the sword he clutched.

After some early confusion (Conan believed this black symbiote to be some treacherous genie) the pair came to an understanding. A complex symbiosis whose nuance can be witnessed perfectly when Wolverine calls for assistance: sensing Logan needs help killing The Marrow God, the symbiote expresses its wish to "SLAY." A desire Conan the Barbarian is all too eager to satisfy, jumping to Wolverine's aid. And finally, we arrive at the moment in this story which could only be referred to as breathtaking in its brutality, in the best way possible.

Having driven his adamantium claws into the skull of a world-ending dark God and met resistance from the foul beast's skull, Wolverine is assisted by Conan the Barbarian and his symbiote hammer, striking Logan's elbow to hammer his arm through the bone and into brain matter like a hammer driving a nail. Never one to miss out, and likely sensing this nightmare is only a clawed fist away from ending, the Savage Venom symbiote follows suit. Forming its mass into a hammer of its own, Venom delivers blows to Wolverine's other elbow in tandem, driving the three blades (six total) through The Marrow God's skull.

Wolverine Venom and Conan Savage Avengers

Ordinarily such an incredible feat would lead to a somewhat anticlimactic victory, as logic would dictate the massive demonic being simply cease fighting and die (assuming demonic gods have brains that work the same way as any flesh and blood creature). But this being the Savage Avengers, the result is far more... explosive. The trio of Conan, Venom, and their improvised awl Wolverine are sent hurtling clear of the corpse. And while it isn't said explicitly on the page, it's obviously The Marrow God's own way of celebrating, having earned himself a place in Marvel Comics history--as a necessary part of the most gory, gruesome, and satisfying team kill Wolverine will ever be a part of. Fastball Special? Please.

Even if Kukan Gath suggests their victory was all part of his actual plan, it doesn't make the issue or those preceding it any less enjoyable. Convinced you need to add Savage Avengers to your comic book pull list? Check out the full solicitation details and plot synopsis below:

  • SAVAGE AVENGERS #6 (2019)
  • Written by: Gerry Duggan
  • Art by: Mike Deodato, Jr.
  • Cover by: David Finch
  • The Marrow God has eaten the sentient population of entire planets, but he never had to dance with the Savage Avengers. Kulan Gath is on the verge of defeat...or is that what he wanted the entire time? A Pyrrhic victory lights a fuse that will only burn more of the Marvel Universe. Plus, the Punisher is curious about Crom...

Savage Avengers #5 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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