Wolverine's Best Comic Costumes (That Can Work in The MCU)

Fans want to know: what comic book costume will Marvel Studios adapt when they finally bring Wolverine into their Marvel Cinematic Universe? The Disney/Fox merger is only a matter of time, and those in charge of the studio have confirmed that the X-Men will join the Avengers universe. And where there's a Wolverine reboot, there's a Wolverine re-design.

From the very first X-Men movie, Logan was used to mock the idea of superhero outfits. When Wolverine looked at the black leather X-Men suit he'd been given, he was unimpressed. "What would you prefer," Cyclops quipped, "Yellow spandex?" It was a deliberate reference to Wolverine's most iconic comic book costume, and firmly established Fox didn't trust that superhero films could work if they embraced a true comic book aesthetics. Now that Wolverine could be headed to the MCU, that's about to change.

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Ironically, Fox's doubts are Marvel's gain, since they've always been reluctant to repeat what's been done before (which is why they have closed the book on origin stories for Spider-Man or Hulk). Fox's reluctance to use the most beloved X-Men costumes means Marvel can draw upon them with impunity. So let's examine some of Wolverine's best looks, and examine how Marvel could adapt them to suit the MCU.

8. Uncanny X-Force

Wolverine's X-Force costume is essentially a stealth version of his traditional blue-and-yellow outfit, with a gray-and-black color scheme. It's perfectly suited to black ops missions, while the eye-holes - usually shown as blood-red - give it a strong sense of savagery. Although it was never specified, these could easily indicate a sophisticated sensor package incorporated into the eyes, perhaps including heat sensors and the like. It's easy to imagine a scenario where the MCU adapted this costume, sending Wolverine on a dangerous mission where stealth is essential. and with S.H.I.E.L.D. just one mysterious government organization already in-canon, all black might be the best way to go.

7. X-Men: Second Genesis

This is usually viewed as the 'classic' Wolverine costume, associated both with the popular "Second Genesis" comic book era and the 1990s X-Men animated series. It's a blue-and-yellow uniform with distinctive shoulder pads and the iconic mask, with visible sheathes in the gloves for the claws to *SNIKT* through. In truth, it's almost guaranteed that Wolverine will wear a version of this costume at some point; the fan demand for it is absolutely intense (so much so that even Fox came close to letting Hugh Jackman wear Wolverine's yellow suit).

In the comics, Wolverine wore this outfit for quite some time; it's worth remembering that's unlikely to happen in the MCU, of course, where costumes change every film (partly to take advantage of new merchandise opportunities). However, a number of Wolverine's alternate costumes are clearly adapted from this one, so it would make sense to adapt it first as a clear sign of fan service.

6. Team X

Designed by Jim Lee, this was the outfit Logan wore while he worked as part of a black ops team alongside Sabretooth and Maverick. The jet black bodysuit works perfectly for stealth purposes, even if the bright gold bands and padding never made much sense. It would probably be wise to adapt this a little, turning the metal into a duller metal/bronze. Although many of these Liefeld-esque designs have dated somewhat, the Team X ones still work.

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This is hardly one of Wolverine's most famous suits, and has only ever been seen in flashbacks. Still, it's possible Marvel could draw upon this idea - depending on how they plan to introduce Wolverine into the MCU in the first place. It's not hard to imagine a situation where Marvel start things off with a few mutants in the background, establishing the MCU version before truly launching a new X-Men franchise. In that scenario, they could even conceivably introduce Team X - including a Wolverine who has yet to undergo the Adamantium bonding process.

5. Brown and Tan

Another of Wolverine's most famous uniforms, the brown-and-tan design is an adaptation of Logan's classic costume. It's associated with a period where, in the comics, Wolverine was a little more savage and a little more unruly (even for him). Again, a variation on this design is sure to make its way into the MCU sooner or later, simply because it's so popular.

In fact, depending on the character arc Marvel choose to go with, it's possible this could appear before the iconic yellow-and-blue. In terms of character progression, it would make sense for Logan to start off with a more fierce-looking costume and then move on to something that actually resembles a superhero. And since even Hugh Jackman has teased Wolverine's brown suit, simplicity sells.

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