What Happens When You Crush Adamantium Claws With A Hydraulic Press?


20th Century Fox has been doing some great viral marketing as the days roll down to the release of Logan, the latest installment in their X-Men franchise and the third solo Wolverine film. With Logan set to be Hugh Jackman's last film as the fan-favorite mutant, the studio seems determined to get as many butts in seats as possible. They recently released a mini-documentary that features X-23, a new character introduced in the movie that garnered a lot of attention.

Arguably the most famous aspect of the Wolverine character is his Adamantium skeleton, which makes him even more indestructible than his healing factor. Viewers have frequently debated amongst themselves just how strong the metal can be, and now a brand new video looks to answer that question once and for all.

Continuing the theme of releasing tie-in internet content, 20th Century Fox teamed up with the popular YouTube Channel Hydraulic Press Channel to answer the age-old question: What happens when you crush Adamantium claws with a hydraulic press? Be warned, the language in the video is NSFW - keeping in line with Logan's R-rated sensibilities. You can watch it below:

The Finland-based Hydraulic Press Channel seeks to put to bed once and for all whether or not Adamantium is the strongest metal in the world. They begin by attempting to crush an Adamantium ball - and making a hilarious joke about the weird kind of person one has to know in order to get an Adamantium ball in the first place - before moving on to the attempted crushing of Wolverine's claws themselves. While it's not clear whether a hydraulic press will make an appearance in Logan, this video is absolutely hilarious.


Logan stars Hugh Jackman in his ninth appearance as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart in his seventh appearance as Charles Xavier. This also marks the seventh time Jackman and Stewart have worked together on an X-Men franchise feature film. The movie introduces Dafne Keen (Refugees), as Laura a.k.a. X-23. Logan is written and directed by James Mangold, who also directed 2013's The Wolverine.

This type of creative marketing is what new superhero movies really need. 20th Century Fox is doing an inspired job at appealing to a wider audience beyond the typical genre fans that were always going to show up for Logan. Add to this the fact that each new Wolverine-inspired featurette is clever and well-made, hopefully other major studios will look to this kind of advertising for their future projects.


On the other hand, the collaboration with Hydraulic Press Channel is pure silliness. Unlike the faux X-23 documentary, it doesn't tell potential viewers anything about the world of Logan or Wolverine that they don't already know. There is a reliance here on the popularity and size of the X-Men movie franchise that might alienate a complete newcomer. But that doesn't take away from its entertainment value.

Source: YouTube

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