Wolverine 3: Bryan Singer Confirms Mister Sinister Will Appear

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After almost two decades of playing Wolverine, Hugh Jackman will bring out the adamantium claws one more time for Wolverine 3. Expectations for the film are extremely high, especially amongst fans hoping for Jackman to get a proper sendoff utilizing the Old Man Logan storyline. There has not been much revealed about the movie outside of Professor X's involvement, possibly for Patrick Stewart's last time as well, and rumors of X-23 being introduced. As such, the question remains: Who will be the big bad worthy of Logan's final journey? As it turns out, the answer lies in the most recent X-Men film.

The post-credit scene for X-Men: Apocalypse was not used to tease what threat the new X-Men team will face in the future, instead the short sequence teased Wolverine 3. With so little having been established about the film it is exciting to find out that Bryan Singer has confirmed the villain for the next movie in the X-Men universe.

Singer delivered a director's commentary attached to the home video release of Apocalypse, and when the post-credit scene appears, he confirmed exactly what it meant. The scene features a man going through the Weapon X facility carrying an Essex Corp briefcase. CinemaBlend states that, during the commentary, Singer confirms Mister Sinister will be in Wolverine 3. This should not be surprising news to many, but it is always great to get the official confirmation from those involved.

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Mister Sinister, also known as Nathaniel Essex, was able to become more powerful by experimenting on other mutants. Interestingly enough, Apocalypse was also involved in Essex becoming who he is and choosing Sinister as his new name, which makes the character reveal at the end of Apocalypse somewhat fitting. Even though there was no hint in Apocalypse that the two had ever met before, it wouldn't take much to patch that particular hole.

As of this point, Fox has not revealed who is cast in the role. It has been theorized that Richard E. Grant as a "mad scientist" means he'll be the one to take on the role of Mister Sinister, and unless Fox has been able to keep a surprise casting under wraps throughout the entire shoot, Grant is still the likeliest suspect. Regardless of who plays Sinister or how he is involved, the movie will hinge on giving Jackman the perfect ending, and the confirmed R-rating should, at the very least, ensure that Wolverine will have his fair share of violent action scenes, one last time.

Wolverine 3 opens in U.S. theaters on March 3, 2017, followed by unannounced X-Men films on October 6, 2017March 2, 2018, and June 29, 2018Deadpool 2GambitNew Mutants and X-Force are currently in development.

Source: CinemaBlend

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