Logan Trailer #2 Images Revealed By Hugh Jackman & James Mangold

Logan - Wolverine and X-23

After delivering an awards-worthy marketing campaign for last year's Deadpool, Twentieth Century Fox has earned raves for the way they've handled advertising for Logan, Hugh Jackman's alleged swan song as fan-favorite mutant Wolverine. A majority of the promotional materials have consisted of cryptic images that tease a gritty character study modeled after Westerns. Viewers got a better taste of the film's tone and style back in October 2016 when the first trailer was released online. Set to Johnny Cash's haunting cover of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt," it painted a very different kind of comic book movie and fans have been eager for more ever since.

The long-awaited second Logan trailer was classified in December, but Fox has yet to unveil it. The studio plans to release the preview later this month, and to build up anticipation, they launched the official website 1974 Frames of Logan. As part of a giveaway, the first 1,974 people to register on the site would receive a postcard containing a still frame from the second trailer. It should come as no surprise that two key members of the creative team - director James Mangold and star Jackman - got in on the fun, and now they've shared some glimpses of the new preview.

Both took to their Twitter accounts to post photos of their respective postcards. Mangold's is a landscape shot that's very reminiscent of the Old West, while Jackman has a picture of Wolverine with X-23 in a car. You can check them out below:

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