Logan: Wolverine Looks Worse For Wear In New Poster

Logan Poster - Cropped

Twentieth Century Fox delivered an awards-worthy marketing campaign for last year's Deadpool, and it's safe to say they've pulled out all the stops again for Logan. Beginning with a series of cryptic black-and-white images, all the advertising materials have done an excellent job of selling director James Mangold's latest film as a gritty, Western-inspired take on the X-Men mythos. With less than two months until the movie's premiere, the studio has ramped up their efforts, unveiling the latest theatrical preview last week. They also released a red band version, essentially confirming Logan's R rating before the MPAA made it official.

The posters for Logan have been well-received as well. In contrast to many of the one-sheets tentpoles get these days (which cram the entire cast on the poster), these have been very minimalistic, mainly highlighting the surrogate parent/daughter relationship that blossoms between Wolverine and young Laura, a.k.a. X-23. The newest poster places Logan front-and-center, and the once invulnerable mutant looks decidedly worse for wear.

Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to share the latest one-sheet, which consists solely of an extreme close-up of Wolverine with his claws out. As the bloodshot eye and weary expression would indicate, Logan is going to go through the wringer in his quest to protect Laura from Donald Pierce and the Reavers. You can check it out below:

Logan poster Wolverine

Unless Ryan Reynolds can convince Jackman to return for a Deadpool/Wolverine team-up film (a prospect Jackman is hesitant about), Logan is going to be the final time Jackman appears in his career-defining role. While fans are undoubtedly saddened by the idea of the actor moving on from the franchise, Logan appears to be a great swan song that should end the character's story on a resonate note. Wolverine is one of the few mainstream comic book heroes that benefits from the freedoms provided by an R rating, so Logan is the Wolverine solo film many moviegoers have wanted to see ever since Jackman made the part his own. Regardless of where it takes place in the series timeline (perhaps a different universe), everything so far is pointing to one of the most powerful and compelling entries in the superhero genre.

Logan has rightfully earned its spot on several most-anticipated lists, so now the only question that remains is whether or not it can live up to the hype. Back in December, Fox screened the film's first act at a showcase, and many were impressed with what they saw. Hopefully, that means the full movie can deliver a captivating experience and give Jackman a terrific sendoff. Admittedly, the standalone Wolverine vehicles have been a mixed bag, so fingers crossed the finale will be a grand one.

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Source: Hugh Jackman

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