Logan Official Website Launches - Win A Frame From The Second Trailer

Fox launches an official website for Logan that gives fans the chance to win an official frame from the upcoming final trailer.

Logan Trailer 2 Hugh Jackman Dafne Keen

Fox will debut the first live-action comic book movie film of 2017 when Logan hits theaters in March, but it will also be the last time Hugh Jackman is set to play Wolverine. The 17-year journey has made Jackman one of the biggest icons in the superhero genre and Fox has so far done everything they can to promote the film on a daily basis. They released countless black and white stills ahead of the first trailer, and have continued to do that, while also mixing in some fully colored stills now and again.

While unconventional, the stills have been breathtaking from a visual stand point and continue to separate Logan from previous Wolverine solo films. Thanks to the launching of their new website, some fans can now win a brand new official frame from the final trailer.

Fox launched the official Logan website today, 1974 Frames of Logan, which gives the first 1,974 people to sign up the ability to win a one-of-a-kind postcard. What makes each postcard unique is the attachment of a still from the final trailer, meaning that once 1,974 people have signed up, there will be nothing left to win - so sign up quick. The number 1,974 could have been chosen in reference to when Wolverine made his first appearance in Marvel Comics: October 1974 in The Incredible Hulk.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in Logan

This giveaway continues to showcase Fox using different methods than before to promote their superhero films. Deadpool received plenty of praise for its captivating marketing, and even X-Men: Apocalypse had some interesting marketing materials. Fox must be hoping that the excitement around single images will carry over to box office numbers as well, ensuring that they capitalize on Jackman's last outing.

While the website does not give any information on when the trailer will be released, it does say that the frame will ship rather quickly to those that are eligible to get one. It seems likely that once all 1,974 frames have been claimed and delivered, Fox will then release the final trailer shortly after.

With very little actual footage being shown so far, it does not appear that the final trailer will be too long either. Depending on how many frames per second the film utilizes, the final trailer may only be a minute or 90 seconds long. While this may seem rather short for a final trailer, the 1,974 frames may only account for new footage from the final trailer, meaning there will be additional footage reused from before. However, it could also simply point to Fox doing maximum marketing but showing minimal footage so audiences can be surprised when they get to the theater.

Either way, it was previously reported that a second trailer will arrive in January, so it will be interesting to see if the new Logan trailer is also the final trailer. It would be surprising for Fox to cut off marketing at that point and not release another trailer in February, but again, they may be trying not to spoil anything.

Source: 1974 Frames of Logan

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