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Following the recent release of a second theatrical trailer, the hype and anticipation surrounding Twentieth Century Fox's Logan is at an-all time fever pitch right now. Promising to the kind of adult, retrospective film unlike anything that the comic book genre has seen before, it looks like writer and director James Mangold is refusing to pull any punches with the film that is setting itself up to be Hugh Jackman's final time playing Logan/Wolverine on the big screen. Taking that into consideration, Logan's seemingly somber tone seems more than fitting too.

One of the most interesting moments from the film's latest trailer came when Logan flipped through the pages of an actual X-Men comic book (seemingly owned by Dafne Keen's X-23), confirming the existence of the comics in the same universe as the X-Men films it seems, which didn't seem like something fans would ever see from one of Fox's non-Deadpool titles.

In an interesting double whammy of reveals as well, Hugh Jackman has unveiled the cover for Empire Magazine's upcoming Logan-centric issue, while Marvel CCO Joe Quesada has confirmed himself to be the artist behind the specific comic book panels glimpsed briefly in the Logan trailer. Take a look at both images below:

Joe Quesada Logan Comic Book Page
Logan Official Empire Cover

The Logan issue of Empire is set to hit shelves this Thursday, where more images and pieces of information about the film will likely be revealed. Meanwhile, Quesada confirms that he worked extensively with Mangold to create the comic book pages for the film, before going on to confirm that there will be more than just one page featured in it as well, though he didn't say much more than that. The artwork itself was colored and inked specifically to evoke the same kind of '90s style that X-Men fans know and love, and while the page itself doesn't feature much more than just Rogue falling into a chasm and being saved by Logan, it seems to hint at many more surprises lying in wait in the next couple of pages.

All of this just continues to prove how different and unique of a comic book film Logan is shaping up to be. Officially rated R once and for all just yesterday, it seems like the kind of confident and gutsy film that fans were hoping Fox would be encouraged to make more of following the success of Deadpool last year. Not only does it appear to give Logan's individual story an ending befitting of both the character and Jackman's beloved take on him, but it seems to be adding and filling in interesting new aspects about the X-Men cinematic universe, that fans might never have thought would be explored before.

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  • Logan (2017) release date: Mar 03, 2017
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