One of the more anticipated projects of 2017 is Logan, the latest installment of the X-Men film series. Set to be Hugh Jackman’s swan song as Wolverine, Logan is going to be a hard-hitting, R-rated Western drama in which an elderly (and perhaps dying) Logan and Charles Xavier try to protect the young mutant X-23. The film’s first trailer (set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”) quickly established a somber mood and atmosphere, promising to be one of the more refreshing offerings in the ever-expanding comic book genre. Fans had plenty of reasons to look forward to Logan, and today seemed to bring one more.

Earlier, it was reported that Ryan Reynolds had shot a scene for Logan as Deadpool, the character he brilliantly played in February’s Deadpool. The announcement was a surprise for many, especially since the tones of the two films in question don’t appear to jive at first glance. Now, Reynolds and Logan director James Mangold have responded to the claim of a Wade Wilson cameo, and it’s surely to disappoint admirers of the Merc With a Mouth.

The two took to their Twitter accounts to deny Reynolds’ involvement with Logan, with the actor stating in his own unique way that Wolverine is very much on a solo mission. Jackman also commented on the rumor, reiterating that it is false:

Those who follow the development of studio tentpoles know that members of the creative team cannot always be trusted when it comes to details about upcoming projects (“John Harrison” will forever live in infamy”), so the hope for viewers looking forward to Wolverine and Deadpool reuniting on the big screen is that Reynolds, Mangold, and Jackman are just being coy in an attempt to preserve the surprise. At the same time, all three coming out fairly quickly to say the report is untrue reads as mounting evidence for the argument Deadpool will not be in Logan. Actors and filmmakers haven’t been afraid to come out and deny certain things in the past (see: the old “Snoke is Plagueis” theory), which is actually beneficial since it allows fans to reset their expectations long before they see the movie. It’s better viewers have this understanding months before instead of being cheated on opening night.

As implied above, it would have been interesting to see how exactly Wade Wilson would have been incorporated in the gritty drama that is Logan. There’s no denying that seeing Reynolds in the role again would have been fun, but Mangold’s newest film looks to be the polar opposite of light-hearted. Deadpool’s wise-cracking, fourth wall breaking antics probably would not be the strongest fit for what is being sold as a contemplative character piece. Even if Wade was in a more serious mood, it’d be perceived as the character poking jokes at the serious nature of Logan as opposed to something genuine. Deadpool has become one of Fox’s most marketable characters, but it would arguably be better if he sat this round out.

Source: Ryan Reynolds, James Mangold, Hugh Jackman

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