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Logan Final Trailer - X-23 claws

For the second year in a row, Fox will release the first major live-action comic book film adaptation. This time, the movie in question is Logan, director James Mangold's Western-inspired take on the Wolverine mythos. Logan recently received the R rating that it's always intended to have, as the studio continues their stellar marketing campaign. The past week has seen the unveiling of new trailers (including a red band version), as well as some still images featuring Wolverine and X-23 brandishing their claws before they slice up their enemies.

Just today, Empire magazine debuted a new cover, showcasing Hugh Jackman as a grizzled Wolverine. With Logan being the main subject of the publication's latest issue, it was expected that the outlet would have more fun reveals for fans as they count down the days until the film's premiere. Now, a collection of photos from the issue have made their way online, placing a spotlight on the villainy and other supporting characters, like Caliban.

The pictures from Empire come courtesy of CBM. You can check them out by clicking the link below.

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Logan - Caliban with hat and scarf

Logan smoking a cigar in a suit is an image destined to become a classic, but there will be much interest in the others from the gallery as well. Three of the pictures give the antagonists some time to shine, including Richard E. Grant as Dr. Zander Rice and Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), leader of the Reavers. The captions contain some small details about the characters. Rice is described as "a nemesis driven by more than simple revenge," while Caliban is referred to as a "mutant nurse." It will be interesting to see what exactly that job entails and how Caliban factors into the narrative. He has not been featured much in the promotional materials, so the extent of his role is largely up in the air right now. As for Rice, it's good to hear he won't just be a one-note bad guy and hopefully has some fascinating layers to examine. Though Logan lacks the "operatic villainy" of some of its predecessors, it still needs a compelling foil to be successful.

While Rice is being positioned as the brains of the opposition, Pierce and the Reavers are most definitely the brawn. In the final image, they are holding their own against Wolverine, another illustration that Logan is not the invincible warrior he used to be. It's no secret now that Wolverine's healing ability has started to diminish, meaning he's more vulnerable than he's ever been on film. Logan is still capable of wiping out foes with a berserker rage or two, but he's no longer in his prime, so the odds are evened a little. This is a new angle for the movies to explore, and hopefully it leads to emotionally resonant results.

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Source: Empire (via CBM)

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