Logan: Caliban's in a Cage in New Image

As the premiere of Logan fast approaches, a new photo highlighting Stephen Merchant's Caliban from the latest X-Men film has been released.

Logan - Stephen Merchant Caliban - cropped

It's hard to believe that in just three short months, we'll see Hugh Jackman's last turn as Wolverine in Logan. Of course, Jackman has teased us before about his departure from the X-Men franchise, so we may have to take the idea with a grain of salt - especially amidst rumors that he and Ryan Reynolds may team up for a Wolverine and Deadpool film. We know that, despite chatter to the contrary, the Merc with a Mouth won't be appearing in Logan. The exclusion of Wade Wilson, however, doesn't mean we won't be meeting plenty of new mutants in the upcoming film. After all, Fox has a universe to continue building.

Aside from X-23 and Charles Xavier, we'll get to know Stephen Merchant's take on Caliban in the new film. Though the character briefly appeared in X-Men: Apocalypse portrayed by a different actor, Fox is once again breaking their promise of a unified timeline with returning actors. Still, given Merchant's stellar work in many a Ricky Gervais project, it'll be interesting to see him get to dive deeper into the mutant.

We've already seen a few separate looks at his character both in the first trailer and in a series of promotional photos. Thanks to the Twitter account X-Men Films, we've got yet another look at Caliban, and it looks like things won't be easy for him in the film.

Caliban caged. #Logan #Wolverine @StephenMerchant Thanks Martin!

— (@XMenFilms) December 30, 2016

The trailer showed Caliban undergoing some torture, so the shot above could be part of that. Perhaps the villainous Donald Pierce has the mutant locked up to keep him from helping Logan. Another theory is that the baddies will take advantage of Caliban's ability to track mutants, whether he likes it or not. This power was on display during his appearance in Apocalypse, so we know Fox hasn't meddled with his skills from the comics too much.

On the page, Caliban is often associated with the underground group of misfit mutants known as the Morlocks. Most of the group sport physical mutations that make it difficult for them to blend into society, so they form their own civilization in the sewers. We know that mutants are nearly extinct in Logan, so it would be interesting if we found that many of them had actually gone into hiding. Given the themes of isolation in the new movie, the Morlocks could offer further insight into what it means to be a mutant in the world. It's a theme that's played out across all X-Men media to date, so hopefully Caliban's inclusion in the film spells a similar approach for Logan.

Perhaps we'll get a bit more info when the second trailer for the movie finally drops next month. Until then, we'll continue dreaming about all the comic book mutants we hope will one day join the films.

Source: X-Men Films

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