Wolverine 3: Budget & Old Man Logan Style Photos Revealed

Wolverine 3 - Hugh Jackman as R-rated Old Man Logan

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Filming is now underway on Wolverine 3 in Louisiana. Supposedly, the third installment in the trilogy will be Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Logan. With a tightly guarded production, though, the plot has become a hotbed for speculation. Initial rumors pointed at the script being loosely related to the Mark Millar/Steve McNiven Old Man Logan story arc – minus the Disney-licensed characters, of course.

A few new details made their way through the grapevine, though, which reveal The Wolverine sequel’s budget. In addition, recent pictures of Hugh Jackman further fan the flames of conjecture with regard to the film's plot and whether or not it hews closely to the aforementioned futuristic storyline or if that is merely fan theories run amok.

Several shots of Jackman recently popped up on his Instagram account, which has sparked further debate about Logan's "Old Man" status. One of the images shows a peppered, fully bearded Jackman wearing a trucker hat. Although not definitive proof of the Old Man Logan story’s incorporation in the film, they certainly do hint heavily at it. Take a gander at the shots below:

#THEGENE A fascinating read.

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on


A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

In addition to the shots of Jackman, reportedly got a hold of 20th Century Fox’s application to film in Louisiana. Before the Wolverine sequel began filming in May, the production’s budget was revealed at roughly $127 million. With the futuristic setting, green-screen filming, and large cast that includes Patrick Stewart, Eriq La Salle, Boyd Holbrook, and of course, Jackman, the large budget clearly indicates that the studio is pulling all out all the stops for the Aussie actor’s alleged final flick as Weapon X.

The pictures of Jackman don’t necessarily connect to the futuristic storyline, but they do lend more heft to the Old Man Logan plotline – at least in combination with other details from the production. Producer Simon Kinberg’s spaghetti western comparisons and the casting choices lend additional credence to the alternate timeline backdrop. For instance, it’s possible casting Elizabeth Rodriguez (Fear the Walking Dead) in a small but important role could mean she'll play Maureen Logan. Richard E. Grant’s mad scientist could be Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister), and Boyd Holbrook’s ruthless security agent could command the Reavers.

Of course, Wolverine 3 is swamped with rumors. From an appearance by Logan's genetic duplicate ‘daughter’ Laura Kinney (X-23) to a final conflict with Sabretooth, nothing is guaranteed at this point. Only one thing’s sure, though, Wolverine’s R-rated final outing will be one heck of a sendoff.

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X-Men: Apocalypse is now playing in theaters. Wolverine 3 opens in U.S. theaters on March 3rd, 2017, followed by unannounced X-Men films on October 6th, 2017 (possibly Gambit), March 2nd, 2018 (possibly Deadpool 2), and June 29th, 2018 (possibly New Mutants). X-Force is also in development.

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