5 Reasons 'The Wolverine' Can Make Up for 'X-Men Origins'

Wolverine in Japan by Frank Miller

Like many tent-pole projects in the summer of 2009, the infamous Writers Strike negatively impacted X-Men Origins: Wolverine. With no screenwriters available to lend a helping hand, the first spinoff went into production with a hastily penned screenplay and the results were disastrous. With no strike in 2012 or 2013, there’s hope that The Wolverine actually has a solid script. Based on the talent Fox has hired, fans could be in luck.

Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) wrote the first draft of The Wolverine script (back when Wolverine was slated to be the only mutant in the picture) using the legendary Japanese story arc as the basis for this film. The classic series from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller has long been a favorite for fans of the character (including star Hugh Jackman). Even though Mangold and screenwriter Mark Bomback made heavy revisions to the script, McQuarrie’s ideas are still firmly in place and those involved with the film have been quick to praise his work.

The Wolverine looks to deal with heavier issues than we’re typically used to seeing in a film like this, particularly the consequences of immortality. This film finds Logan in a dark place as he struggles to cope with the knowledge that everyone he loves will eventually die while he stays alive. As a result, the movie will hopefully push our favorite mutant in new directions (as all great sequels should) and present audiences with something we’ve never seen before: a more physically vulnerable Wolverine.

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