5 Reasons 'The Wolverine' Can Make Up for 'X-Men Origins'

Why The Wolverine Will Be Better than Origins

This summer, comic book fans and movie audiences have already been treated to two hit film adaptations featuring some of their favorite characters. In May, Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 overcame a lukewarm fan reception (read our Iron Man 3 review) to gross over $1 billion worldwide, proving that the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains one of the elite blockbuster franchises.

Then, Warner Bros. and DC released the Superman reboot Man of Steel and brought the Last Son of Krypton back triumphantly (read our Man of Steel review) as that film has grossed $282 million domestically and $620 million worldwide (at the time of this writing).

Both of these movies also had an “event” feeling to them and with all the coverage the two blockbusters have received, it’s easy to forget that there’s still a third superhero movie this summer - and it’s right around the corner: 20th Century Fox’s The Wolverine.

It’s a situation similar to last summer where The Amazing Spider-Man had to compete with massive event films The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Like that Spider-Man reboot, it seems as if The Wolverine isn’t as high on peoples’ most anticipated lists when compared to its competition. Even if the pre-release hype hasn’t reached a fever pitch, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited for the latest X-Men film.

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