Wolverine 2 Snags Oscar-Winning Writer

Well it would seem that someone at Fox Studios is aching to take advantage of the head of steam the Wolverine franchise is building. Is it any wonder that Fox is fast-tracking Wolverine 2 at a frantic pace? X-Men Origins: Wolverine has brought in over $350 million worldwide and that number is sure to go up when the DVD sales start up.

Screen Rant reported on Hugh Jackman at the Teen Choice Awards, verifying that Wolverine 2 was indeed being made. Next, Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes wrote a piece talking about possible villains for Wolverine 2.

Now, less than a week later after Jackman spilled the news, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Oscar-winning script writer Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) has been hired to write Wolverine 2's script. Indeed, the storyline will follow the Frank Miller and Chris Claremont Japan saga from the 80's, which just confirms one of the multiple endings for Wolverine and what Jackman hinted at this past weekend.

That is great news for fans who are already excited to see this story told. Other good news: this won't be McQuarrie's first time playing in the Marvel universe. He helped pen the first X-Men script but removed his name when the draft that made it to the screen more closely resembeled what David Hayter (Watchmen) had written.

Back in June, Screen Rant reported that Bryan Singer had expressed interest in returning to the X-Men universe in one form or another. Could he return to helm Wolverine 2? No one knows yet at this early stage, but the way information is being released, we could easily hear something sooner rather than later. McQuarrie has already worked with Singer on The Usual Suspects and X-Men and I personally wouldn't mind seeing one more pairing between the two. Hugh Jackman is set to produce Wolverine 2 along with Lauren Schuler Donner, who also produced X-Men, giving us yet another connection to Singer.

I think we can all agree that having Christopher McQuarrie onboard for the Wolverine sequel is a good thing -but do you think we could see a possible return of Bryan Singer to the director's chair for the film? And does this news give you hope that the next Wolverine installment will be better than the first?

Wolverine 2 has no scheduled release date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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