Wolverine 2 Release Date in 2012?

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With a large amount of comic book movies coming next year as big budget summer releases, we still don't know officially yet if Fox Studios will be joining in the fun with their X-Men franchise. Of all the studios, they seem to have the most films of the genre in development, possibly even more than Marvel Studios.

The short of it is that 2011 is overbooked and studios are already beginning to pick and choose the key release dates in 2012 with Star Trek officially making the move this morning and now according to Hugh Jackman, his Wolverine-goes-to-Japan story won't likely film till 2011 for a 2012 release as well.

In a red carpet interview Hugh Jackman was asked about Wolverine 2 to which he jokingly replied he's done with action movies before saying it'll likely start filming in 12-18 months since he'll be busy working on Real Steel. What about the other X-Men movies we know are coming: Deadpool and X-Men: First Class?


For X-Men Origins: Deadpool (no official title yet) we know it heavily depends on star Ryan Reynolds and his filming schedule and in ten weeks he begins work on Green Lantern which was just greenlit with his co-star Blake Lively signed to play the leading lady.

There is a post-summer time-frame to film Deadpool if all things come together nicely and it's definitely possible with Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick being confirmed as the writing duo for the project earlier this week.

If it does film late this summer or in the fall, we could see Deadpool on screens in 2011.

X-Men: First Class

Bryan Singer was brought back the franchise to hopefully right the wrongs of X-Men 3 by telling another X-Men story based before the trilogy. The film is already starting in broken continuity compared to the comics so Singer has an uphill battle to please the hardcore fans with his character choices for who will represent the original X-Men in the film universe.

I'm excited to see Singer back and to see some of his unused ideas put to work. It could be a while before we see this happen though as even though Singer and new writer Jamie Moss signed for the project, Singer has several other projects on the go in Excalibur, Battlestar Galactica and Jack the Giant Killer.

All of these projects including First Class are in pre-production so things could shift around we could get the young X-Men sooner than later.

Wolverine in X-Men: First Class movie

Wolverine 2

Despite my disappointment with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the mishandling of key characters (again) in that movie, I still hold hope for the sequel telling a great story for Logan's adventures in Japan.

Hugh Jackman will be near mid-forties so he'll be putting his body through another intense workout to get into mutant fighting shape.

Which X-Movies do you want to see first?

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Header edited from cover art by Simone Bianchi for Wolverine Origins #24.

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