Wolverine 2: David Slade or Duncan Jones Could Direct

Hugh Jackman Promises a new Wolverine 2 director as good as Darren Aronofsky

With the news that Hugh Jackman is being sought after to replace Viggo Mortensen as the Huntsman in Rupert Sanders' Snow White movie, also came a nugget of information regarding who's being look at by Twentieth Century Fox to direct The Wolverine.

The sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine was off to a promising start with Darren Aronofsky signing on to direct the pic which would shoot in Japan. Then came the news that Aronofsky dropped out and the natural disasters which may postpone filming.

With the dream team of Aronofsky and Jackman no longer a reality, who could step in to replace as the helmer of The Wolverine? Jackman himself promised he/she would be someone "as good" as Aronofsky and they wouldn't settle for anyone less.

David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) was a contender for the job before Aronofsky swooped in and more recently, it seems that he's practically locked for the Daredevil reboot, admittedly revealing that The Wolverine is interesting but that he hadn't talked to the studio about it.

According to Deadline, Slade is a contender (but we could all say that) and that Duncan Jones (Source Code) is as well. These are only two of a larger list, I'm sure, but the first we've heard of the Moon director being associated with Marvel's fiercest mutant.

Jones' Source Code debuted this weekend to strong reviews, albeit a somewhat disappointing opening weekend box office haul, but he's on the right track and moviegoers and geeks alike can easily get behind him.

Slade on the other hand,  has the Twilight background which will automatically bring with him some negative connotation, but for me, he did make the best film of the three thus far and no one can deny he can make a dark and violent movie (see: 30 Days of Night).

Are either "as good" as The Swan director? That's debatable, but I do believe both could bring something to the table given the chance to helm The Wolverine. I'm curious as to who else they're looking at. The bigger issue comes with how the studio and director will work together and if said director will have more creative freedom than Gavin Hood did in Wolverine's first solo outing.

The Wolverine is aiming for a summer 2012 release.


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Source: Deadline

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