Wolverine 2 Characters & Story Details

Wolverine 2 characters and story

Wolverine 2 will tell the story Hugh Jackman wanted to tell when he first signed on for his own X-Men spin-off movie. Based on Frank Miller and Chris Claremont's Wolverine comics from the 1980s, Wolverine 2 will take us to Japan in what is one of the most popular and famous Wolverine stories to date.

When X-Men Origins: Wolverine's release on home video was being promoted last summer, producer Lauren Shuler Donner stated that Wolverine 2 would give fans of the books a much more accurate translation from page to screen. "Certainly in ‘Wolverine 2,’ in the Japanese saga, we will stay very close to the source material," Donner explained. "I think it’s just best that way."

Now we finally have a clue as to how true this may be in the case of Wolverine 2...

While Donner's words represent the usual media-trained response any and all producers would say about most comic book adaptations these days, we haven't had a good read on what Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie is doing with the story of Wolverine 2 until today, with Pajiba's exclusive report on the main characters included in the sequel. Here's their list with a brief explanation of their role in the plot:


[Plot details pulled by request of Fox - and because they caught me in a cooperative mood. Vic (Editor-in-Chief)]

Silver Samurai confirmed in Wolverine 2

Over a year ago we discussed the potential villains of Wolverine 2 and it's no surprise to see who's included above. For the most part, the characters confirmed are expected and are very similar to their roles in the comics with the exception of Viper. The Silver Samurai is the main antagonist for Wolverine to duel with and an important character in Marvel Comics. In the books, he's a mutant who has the ability to charge objects - this is likely the cause of his electrifying armor in the film.

Other character details aside, Wolverine 2 will undoubtedly explore Wolverine's growth as a character where he learns to control his rage and attempt starting a new life. In addition to meditation and learning inner-peace, in the comics Logan is able to learn and master many forms of martial arts during the Japanese saga.

Wolverine 2 begins shooting in March for a 2012 Summer release.

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Source: Pajiba

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