Wolfman Concept Art & Some Early (Positive) Reviews

Joe Johnston's The Wolfman starring Benicio Del Toro has had something of a troubled production - from original director Mark Romanek dropping out at the last minute to multiple release date changes.

However, as the November release date looms, more is becoming known about the film and by all accounts these details are helping to put fans fears to rest. Recent artwork online shows Rick Baker's transformation make up for Del Toro and some reviews from early test screenings indicate that The Wolfman just might dodge that silver bullet after all.

Check out some of Rick Baker's digital sculptures of Del Toro's transformation below:

Check out more images here.

Meanwhile Aint It Cool News had some reviews from the recent Wolfman test screenings in New Mexico. The site received a few reviews which were generally positive and indicate that the film (at the minute) clocks in at around one hour fifty minutes and that the cut previewed was R rated.

Choice quotes from the AICN reviews:

"I quite liked this film. Perhaps they could tighten it here and there (I think it ran like 1 hour 50 mins) but I was surprised at its ‘brain over brawn' approach and really hope that it finds its deserved audience this coming Summer."

"I regard great old films as just important pieces of art as great novels or paintings so it is with great pleasure that I send this review of what I thought was a high minded, tremendous and incredibly SCARY work to you tonight. (seriously, people were shrieking during the last scene!)"

"Where THE WOLFMAN excels is the scenes themselves that feature our beloved hairy creature. Each and every single time the Wolfman appeared on screen, we viewers were glued to the proceedings. Not just because it's the only thing we're supposed to be focused on, but because the crew obviously had a blast filming these scenes. There is no shortage of gore or creative endings to villagers' lives."

Now remember that these reviews come eight months before the film's release so a lot can change but they do seem to indicate that the film is a gory adult orientated horror movie - something that is lacking in Hollywood these days.

Seems like Johnston and company have crafted a pretty cool horror movie - roll on November.

The Wolfman stars Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving and opens on November 6th.

Source: AICN and HorrorMovies. ca

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