Panic Button Is Open To Porting Wolfenstein: Youngblood To Nintendo Switch

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The company behind the Nintendo Switch port of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus says it is open to bringing the upcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood to the console as well. Youngblood was a surprise announcement of Bethesda's E3 presentation and is currently set for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but could Nintendo also get its own release of the Nazi-bashing brawler?

Panic Button Studios developed The New Colossus' Switch reinvention and also made a name for itself by porting DOOM to Nintendo's family-friendly console back in October. Gamers are patiently waiting for The New Colossus to arrive on the Switch when it debuts nine months after the game's release on the other platforms. Panic Button has high hopes for a continuing relationship with Bethesda and Nintendo and aim to close the gap between release dates for the Switch and its other console rivals

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Speaking exclusively to Screen Rant at E3, Panic Button GM Adam Creighton revealed that the studio would love to be involved with Youngblood's presumed transition to the Switch:

"That'll be a Bethesda and Nintendo conversation. We're definitely up for it, and it's really going to be a portfolio call on their side. ...that's certainly [their] thing, but we're on board for it."

Creighton has already said that he thinks Bethesda will start bringing its new and existing titles to the Switch, meaning there could be plenty of work on the horizon for Panic Button. There is currently no news on whether MMO Fallout 76 will be getting a Switch debut, but if it isn't, a remastered Fallout 3 to celebrate its 15th anniversary or a Switch port of fan-favorite Fallout: New Vegas would be welcome additions.

Wolfenstein-Youngblood Nintendo Switch

The New Colossus was an ambitious continuation of BJ’s Blazkowicz’s story after 2014's Wolfenstein: New Order. Picking up 19 years after the events of The New ColossusYoungblood looks to be an even darker chapter in the story as it follows Blazkowicz's twin daughters in an alternate version of the '80s. Just like Sony's God of War pushed its franchise into a new era by quite literally introducing some "young blood" and Kratos' son, there could be a Nazi-filled future for Wolfenstein on PC and the big three consoles.

Panic Button is definitely in a position of power having already brought DOOM and The New Colossus to the Switch, but there is every chance Bethesda could look for a new development studio. Ultimately, a lot will depend on how The New Colossus fares when it finally makes it way onto the Switch on June 29. Suiting up and tearing through Zitadelle robots with the Joy-Con promises to be a lot of fun, but Panic Button's Youngblood dreams depend on whether bloodthirsty Blazkowicz can make his mark on the Nintendo Switch.

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