New 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer; Christmas Release Date Announced

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer No. 2

Iconic director Martin Scorsese (Hugo) has made a career of telling the stories of criminals and the corrupt. From Raging Bull to The Departed, Scorsese has returned often to tough guys, shady backdoor deals, and bloodstained money.

In Scorsese's latest feature film, The Wolf of Wall Street, the director once again dips into that world – but this time, he comes at it from a different angle. The film marks the first time he has tackled the (rather topical) subject of white collar crime. In the latest trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, frequent collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio (The Great Gatsby) takes on the role of true-life securities fraudster Jordan Belfort – a man who was a multi-millionaire by the time he was 25 . . . and the subject of a massive federal investigation less than a decade later.

In any event, The Wolf of Wall Street still looks like it could be a serious event film come the Christmas season. Featuring great stylistic panache and a possible return to the narrative style of Goodfellas, this could be yet another notch on the belt of a director with no shortage of them.

In addition to DiCaprio and Hill, The Wolf of Wall Street features a ridiculously talented cast, which includes Jean Dujardin (The Artist), Rob Reiner (The Bucket List), Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club), Joe Bernthal (The Walking Dead), and Kyle Chandler (Zero Dark Thirty), among others.


The Wolf of Wall Street will crash into theaters on December 25th, 2013.

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