Which Wizarding World Pet Should You Have Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type?

Fantastic Beasts Niffler

It's been years since the final Harry Potter film hit theaters, but the magic is alive and well to this day—and not just because Harry Potter has some stellar staying power, but also thanks to the franchise's spin-off series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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All that magic, all those cool critters, it got us wondering, what kind of pet would we have if we lived in that whimsical, wonderful world? What furry pal would suit us best? The only way to find the answer to that question is to turn to the good ole Myers-Briggs typing system. Know your Myers-Briggs type? Great! Then you're one step closer to discovering your magical pet. The next step? Well, read on!

10. The Occamy: ISTJ


The occamy made its debut in the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. It's a winged serpent, and to make it even cooler, it has the ability to fit into any space, growing and shrinking as needed. Think about how handy that would be when it comes to getting the last few Pringles out of the container. So neat.

Anyway, the occamy can be aggressive initially, but it's friendly and extremely protective, making it the perfect companion for the ISTJ. At first glance, this type might seem unapproachable, since they're so serious and matter-of-fact. But once you get to know them, the ISTJ is a warm-hearted, caring person who would do anything for the people they love—much like this magical snake!

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9. The Niffler: ESTP


With its long snout and its fluffy, black fur, the niffler looks a lot like a platypus, but nifflers are even better because they're MAGIC! This creature is wily, and that makes it an interesting pet, to be sure. But because the niffler is attracted to shiny things like jewelry and gemstones, it also has a knack for getting itself into trouble.

This creature loves to track down treasure, consequences be darned, which makes it the perfect pet for the ESTP. Like the niffler, this Myers-Briggs type prefers material comforts, as opposed to abstract ideas, and enjoys immediate results to their endeavors. An ESTP with a mission is like a dog with a bone—or, better yet, like a niffler with a coin.

8. The Unicorn: INFP


Unicorns are skittish and distrusting by nature. Only the pure of heart can tame one of these incredibly powerful magical creatures, and we think the INFP has got what it takes to do just that.

The unicorns in Harry Potter are nothing like the cute little horses of My Little Pony fame. These animals positively ooze magic. Strands of their hair can be used in wand-making, and their horns act as an antidote for many poisons, at one point, Voldemort drinks their blood to stay alive. Unicorns are elusive and peaceful, preferring to live in their own little world away from harsh realities. They've got a lot in common with the idealistic and creative INFP, a type that also likes to hide away from the world by taking refuge in their wonderful imagination.

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7. The Hippogriff: ESFP


Half bird, half horse, all magic. The hippogriff is a proud creature, but from where we stand, it has every right to be. We mean, just look at it. It's an impressive animal! And besides, what's so wrong about knowing your worth and demanding respect, huh?

The first hippogriff we meet is Hagrid's pet, Buckbeak. They're powerful creatures, but they appreciate good manners and are easily offended, so disrespecting a hippogriff is a big mistake, as Draco Malfoy found out firsthand. The hippogriff would find itself in good company with an ESFP. This Myers-Briggs type thrives in the spotlight and loves to be the center of attention. They're friendly, sociable and have an innate curiosity that makes them irresistible.

6. The Crup: ISTP


Crups are only ever mentioned in the Harry Potter franchise, they never make an actual appearance, and that's a shame because these magical dogs look like Jack Russell Terriers with forked tails, and that sounds amazing. Who wouldn't want one of these whimsical balls of fur? Their overload of adorability is a magical power all by itself.

Loyal to their owners and fiercely independent, Crups are excellent scavengers, too, even eating old tires. Their tremendous capacity for adapting makes this magical pet well-suited to the ISTP. Flexible, tolerant and efficient, the ISTP is as independent as a crup and, when left to their own devices, are able to cut through the nonsense to find workable solutions to any problem.

5. The Phoenix: ENFP


An impressive bird in both appearance and power, the phoenix is too hot to touch—and we don't mean that in a flirty way, we mean it literally. Its feathers glow. Occasionally it catches fire and is reborn in its own ashes. You know how it is.

Who could forget the time Harry found himself on the wrong side of a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, and was saved by Dumbledore's trusty phoenix, Fawkes? The phoenix would make the perfect pet for the ENFP because, much like Fawkes, the ENFP is loyal to the people they love. Idealistic and committed to helping others achieve their full potential, these two go together like butterbeer and pumpkin pasties.

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4. The Bowtruckle: ISFP


Bowtruckles are another magical creature that we hear mentioned here and there throughout the Harry Potter franchise, but we really get to know them better in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series.

These tiny walking trees can be shy, preferring to go unnoticed by others and blending in with their surroundings. Bowtruckles do their own thing and they go at their own pace, much like the ISFP. This Myers-Briggs type is both quiet and independent, yet sensitive and kind, too, making them perfectly suited to a magical pet like the bowtruckle. Who wouldn't love having a magical walking stick for a pal?

3. The Kneazle: ENTJ


Kneazles are, essentially, cats. Remember Hermione's ginger kitty, Crookshanks? The one who totally tried to warn Harry, Ron and Hermione about Scabbers, but they just wouldn't listen? Yeah, well, he was half-kneazle, and once we tell you a little more about these magical creatures, suddenly, it'll all make sense.

Kneazles are incredibly intelligent and they value their independence—much like cats. But Kneazles are also highly attuned to suspicious activity and individuals. These creatures instinctively recognize something that just isn't right, which makes them the perfect pet for the ENTJ. Acting on logic and gut-feelings, ENTJs can zero in on inconsistencies and illogicalness like you wouldn't believe.

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2. The Demiguise: INFJ


An ape-like creature covered in strands of silky, silver hair and with wise, penetrating eyes the size of saucers, the demiguise is an interesting creature to say the least. But let's delve a little deeper, shall we?

The reason why the demiguise is so amazeballs is twofold. For one thing, it can tell the future. For another thing, it can turn invisible at will. These are two traits any INFJ would admire, as they, too, seem to possess the ability to foretell the future, thanks to their unbelievably accurate intuition and their penchant for picking up on patterns. This type is very unassuming, often going unnoticed by others, and this can make them feel invisible, which only adds to their mysteriousness.

1. The Owl: ESTJ

Hedwig and Harry Owl Post

Alright, okay. So maybe owls don't have any real magical powers. They don't have medicinal tears like the phoenix, they can't fill any space like the occamy, but owls play a major role in the wizarding world, delivering letters and whatnot, and let's just face it: they're cool.

Owls can deliver letters without knowing the recipient's address, and they can even learn to communicate with their owners, proving that these birds are clever, observant and highly intelligent—although it's worth mentioning that each owl has its own unique personality. This magical pet would be perfect for the ESTJ as both are dignified, wise and determined to do what is right no matter what the cost.

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