The Witcher: Why Henry Cavill's Geralt Doesn't Have A Second Sword

Geralt with Two Swords in Witcher games and one on Netflix

Why isn't Henry Cavill's Geralt carrying two swords in Netflix's The Witcher? The series follows a trio of characters - Geralt (Cavill), Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), and Ciri (Freya Allen) - whose fates are entwined. As they come together, they must rely on one another, using their magic to their benefit, including killing magical creatures. Geralt is particularly skilled at this and, in the popular imagination, is often seen with two swords he uses to fight different creatures. But the Netflix series appears to only be giving him one.

The Witcher will be adapted from the book series of the same name from author Andrezj Sapkowski (there could be nods to the Witcher video game franchise from CD Projekt Red, too). In the books, Geralt is a solitary monster hunter with serious weapons at his disposal. Exactly which magical beasts he will encounter remain a mystery but knowing what weapons he has at his disposal might provide clues about his journey on the show.

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Plenty of differences exist between Netflix's Geralt, Sapkowski's Geralt, and the video game Geralt, but the absence of Geralt's second sword in these new Witcher photos is perhaps the most pronounced at this point. One of the first promotional photos for Netflix's The Witcher confirms Netflix has stuck to adapting only Sapkowski's books because Geralt is only carrying one sword, just as he is in the books. Unlike the video games, which feature Geralt carrying two swords, the books note Geralt's second sword is in a pack on his horse, Roach. The photos have yet to confirm Roach's existence but chances are good the horse is also involved in the series. As such, it will likely be revealed Geralt's second sword in the pack Roach is carrying.

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher With One Sword

So, the reason for Geralt's one sword in the Netflix series is revealed, but that reason may not be entirely evident to newcomers to the series or viewers who are watching The Witcher having only played the video games. As such, showing Roach and the pack with the second sword would quickly satisfy any questions. If Roach doesn't exist on the show, it could be in Ciri's (Allan), Geralt's ward and protege, who has Geralt's second sword. In the books, it's other witchers who craft Ciri's first sword and give it to her. However, Netflix might choose to switch things up and reveal that, once Ciri comes under Geralt's protection, he gives her one of his swords, explaining why he's seen with just one sword for the rest of the series.

With all of this in mind, it's best to remember that just because Geralt is carrying only one sword in these early photos, it doesn't mean the second sword doesn't exist in The Witcher. Netflix is sticking close to Sapkowski's books as source material, meaning the second sword will materialize soon enough.

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