The Witcher's Silver Sword Confirmed in New Image

The Witcher Netflix Two Swords Silver

When Netflix's The Witcher offered the first look at actor Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, controversy immediately exploded, as it seemed the hero's iconic weapons had been changed for the series. Thankfully, the show has seemingly confirmed Geralt's silver sword will be included... though most fans won't actually notice it.

Since the idea of a magical hero possessing not one, but two iconic swords may seem strange for fantasy fans, the distinction speaks to the very heart of The Witcher's blend of medieval warfare and arcane mysticism. As the titular Witcher, Cavill's hero is outfitted to walk in both realms, facing threats of the physical world with his iron sword... and magical monsters with his silver one. Naturally, many wondered why Netflix's Witcher only has one sword. And in a brand new image of Cavill's character, the answer has been given.

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The previous photos didn't give up the secrets surrounding which story The Witcher series will tell, but it did show Geralt in his finished armor, sword mounted on his back--a strange placement noted in the novels. Despite that faithfulness to the source material, some still cried foul when noting Geralt's single sword, claiming The Witcher already made its first mistake. Those concerns may finally be put to rest, now that a brand new image of Henry Cavill in costume as Geralt of Rivia has arrived. As Tweeted from The Witcher's official Twitter account, fans should look past Geralt's horse... to the almost imperceptible metallic shine along its far flank.

The Witcher Netflix Geralt Riding Roach Horse

For fans who know what they're looking for, that's almost certainly the pommel of Geralt's second, silver coated sword missing from his back. As those who investigated its absence already know, along with those for whom The Witcher remains a series of novels first, this is exactly where it would be expected to sit. Unlike Geralt's main iron sword, the silver blade is used sparingly. Video game logic demands it function as a fearsome weapon, but in the novels, it is reserved exclusively for the most unique of magical creatures and monsters.

Typically forged using metal recovered from meteorites, the blades are then coated in a thin layer of silver--as cool as it sounds, silver would be a poor metal for an actual cutting blade intended for battle. The Witcher's blade is then inscribed with magical runes, meaning the Netflix series may have plenty to reveal when Geralt is finally forced to sheath his iron blade, and draw his most magical of weapons from Roach's saddle (where it can typically be found in the novels).

The Witcher Netflix Silver Sword Pommel

Our suspicions have seemingly been confirmed by Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich, who has since Tweeted that if fans squint their eyes, "you'll see something else in this picture. Go ahead. Look hard." The theory that Hissrich is referring to Geralt's horse Roach is put to rest by the fact that the horse is called out specifically by Hissrich in her previous Tweet. And considering the confused reactions surrounding Cavill sporting only one sword in prior images, this tease seems to be most likely.

Fans may still not know just what to expect from Henry Cavill's Geralt, since he's stoic as ever in this latest photo. But at least they can rest easy that the protagonist's weapon--both of them--will be sure to appear when The Witcher arrives on Netflix later this year.

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Source: Twitter, Lauren S. Hissrich

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