The Witcher Fan Art Imagines Henry Cavill's Geralt As More Grizzled

New fan art by BossLogic has imagined what Henry Cavill’s Geralt character could look like in a second season of the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. Today has been big for Netflix’s The Witcher show, as the streaming network officially revealed a first look at Cavill in the lead role of Geralt of Rivia. Not only that, the series also finally found its Triss Merigold in Harry Potter’s Anna Shaffer, as well as filled out the rest of its supporting cast.

Still, the big news certainly has to be Cavill’s appearance as Geralt in The Witcher, a look that has seemingly divided the internet and fans alike. Some have expressed disappointment that Cavill’s version lacks a beard and scar (though, to be fair, in the source material book series, Geralt was usually clean shaven and the scar was never expressly mentioned) and disappointment in the wig used. While there’s still plenty of time for showrunner Lauren Schmidt and her team to tweak and perfect the look, new fan art has imagined what a potential season 2 Geralt could look like.

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Posted by well-known fan artist BossLogic, the image incorporates Geralt’s left eye scar and a small beard as well as some tweaks to Cavill’s hair with a description that reads “Season 2.” Obviously, The Witcher has not yet been renewed for a season 2 by Netflix, so this is purely a case of what could happen. There’s also no confirmation on whether or not Schmidt will bring any of CD Projekt Red’s (the developer behind the popular Witcher game trilogy) creations to the series. Take a look below for BossLogic’s imagining of Cavill’s season 2 Geralt:

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This is obviously just a fun little nod for fans of the Geralt of Rivia that exists in The Witcher games, and it’s not an indication of where the show itself might be headed. Still, the art itself is a well made edit and offers an alternative look at Geralt that may appeal to those who weren’t exactly thrilled at the official reveal. It’s also not the first time that BossLogic has imagined Cavill as Geralt, as he created another edit before it was confirmed that the Superman actor would take on the role.

Regardless, Cavill is reportedly a big fan of both The Witcher games and novels, and given his status as a Hollywood A-list actor, perhaps he can convince Schmidt and Netflix to work in some details from the games as well as the books. Either way, the anticipation for The Witcher continues to grow and the show is easily one of Netflix’s biggest ventures yet. Whether or not it eventually rivals fantasy greats like HBO’s Game of Thrones or not, however, remains to be seen.

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The Witcher season 1 will release on Netflix in 2019.

Source: BossLogic

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