Witcher Developers Hint At A New Game Without Geralt

While there will never be a fourth game in The Witcher series, CD Projekt Red is not yet done with the fantasy world established by the original trilogy. The company plans to make more games in the same setting, but not with Geralt of Rivia as the player's character.

This confirmation that fans of the franchise can look forward to more adventures set in the game world based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski adds clarity to earlier comments that there would be no fourth Witcher game. The story of Geralt of Rivia had always been planned to spread across three games and it was felt there was no way to do a fourth installment without cheapening the carefully planned saga of the original trilogy. It was unclear until recently if this meant that CD Projekt Red was done with the world of The Witcher or if they might consider a prequel or sequel series. The company has now been confirmed to have plans for future Witcher games, while keeping quiet on precisely what those plans are.

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CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński spoke about the company's plans for the world of The Witcher in an interview with Polish website Baniker, which was translated by Game Informer. Despite the company being primarily focused on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, Kiciński hinted that something is coming in the future involving their most famous franchise. Kicińsk said:

"The first three Witchers were by definition a trilogy, so we simply could not name the next game The Witcher 4. The Witcher is one of two franchises on which to build in the future activities of the company."

Ciri Witcher

One possibility for these future activities is a spin-off series based on the adventures of Ciri - a young woman who is adopted by Geralt of Rivia and starts training as a monster-hunter under his watchful eye. The scion of an ancient bloodline that possesses the powers to travel through time and space, Ciri went on to have many adventures on her own in the original novels that inspired The Witcher games. Indeed, the final novel ended with Ciri traveling to the world of the Arthurian Legends and Sir Galahad escorting her to meet King Arthur!

Ignoring it being a natural progression from the original games and novels, there is another reason for CD Projekt Red to consider a Ciri-focused series of games. Video games with female leads are becoming big business, with the most highly anticipated games of 2018 including Shadow of the Tomb Raider and The Last of Us Part II. Sadly, whatever specific plans they might have for the world of The Witcher, it will be some time before we find out what they are, given the company's current focus on other projects.

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Source: Game Informer

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