The Witcher: 5 Book Storylines The Show Could Adapt (& 5 Game Storylines We Hope To See)

The Witcher series on Netflix has a lot of material to draw from, so which stories from the games and the original books should be adapted?

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher With One Sword

Can you feel it stirring in the air? A special type of hype permeates through the ether every time a new Netflix original series gets announced. But when a new Netflix adaption is on the horizon, that anticipation is also met with equal amounts of trepidation and caution. A Netflix adaptation can either be as well received as A Series of Unfortunate Events or as maligned as the Death Note film.

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Well, a brand new series based on Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher books will come out later this year. Will it sink, swim, or live up to the legacy that Sapkowski's books and CD Projekt Red's games have established? In due time, we'll all see for ourselves. If the showrunners of the Netflix Witcher series wants to live up to their predecessors, they may want to consider borrowing the following storylines.

10 Yennefer's Origin Story (Books)

The raven-haired, blue-eyed, and goal-oriented Yennefer of Vengerberg is a character that fans of The Witcher know all too well; she's an esteemed sorceress, Ciri's surrogate mother, and the love of Geralt's life. Some fans view Yen as a cold-hearted Ice Queen that manipulates people like pawns on a chess board. Others envision her as a calculating rationalist who's willing to make the hard decisions that few others can.

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No matter your interpretation of Yennefer, her tragic backstory shaped her outlook on the world. Yen was born disfigured and hated by her parents. Once she learned how to use magic, she altered her appearance - trying to become as universally attractive as possible. However, Yen secretly came to hate herself for this - questioning whether anyone could truly love her for who she was. It'd be great to see the Netflix series delve into Yen's past, and display how it affects her present and future prospects in life.

9 Dijkstra and Philipa's Past (Books)

Sigismund Dijkstra gained a massive following of gamers when he finally debuted in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The same goes for Philippa Eilhart - a master spellcaster and founder of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Both of these two saucy supporting cast members became instant fan favorites thanks to their witty personalities and narrative significance.

As it turns out, great minds not only like alike - they date one another from time to time. In The Witcher books, Philippa and Dijkstra's complicated relationship gets much more attention. The Netflix show might benefit from showing the rise, fall, and aftermath of Phil and DJ's tumultuous past - these two are a gold mine for great dialogue and snappy one-liners!

8 Triss And Geralt's Strained Relationship (Books)

Triss and Geralt in The Witcher

While Sigismund Dijkstra and Phillipa Eilhart's relationship got played down in The Witcher games, Geralt's affair with Triss Merrigold received the opposite treatment. Thanks to the narrative freedom inherent in CD Projekt Red's games, players can have Geralt completely disown Yennefer in favor of eloping with Triss (or Shani!) Regardless of player input, Geralt and Triss' relationship still gets treated differently than it was in the books.

In The Witcher novels, Geralt openly expresses regret for sleeping with Triss and doesn't reciprocate her feelings at all. The Netflix show doesn't have to ship Geralt and Yennefer together per se, but it could be interesting watching Geralt's past mea culpa. Especially if the White Wolf learns about the information Triss intentionally withheld from him.

7 Dandelion's Entire Role (Books)

Dandelion Witcher

As great as CD Projekt Red's games are, they fell short in one critical area; their portrayal of Dandelion. In the original Witcher books, Dandelion serves as Geralt's constant companion - riding with the White Wolf through thick and thin and helping to offset his friend's constant brooding with humor and wit.

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Specifically in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, Dandelion was indistinguishable from any of the other quest givers or talking heads in the game. The Netflix series has a prime opportunity to give Dandelion the justice he deserves. Thanks to the bard's mischievous personality, there's a wealth of stories that the showrunners can derive from his escapades alone!

6 The Lady of The Lake (Books)

We've seen a lot of Netflix originals get canceled long before their storylines have run their courses over the last few years. Even critical darlings like Daredevil and Sense 8 were canned before they could reach their conclusions. There's a very real possibility that this will happen to The Witcher show; it's a fantasy show (which means higher budgets for set and costume design,) and an adaptation (which means pricey fees for licensing rights.)

Should Netflix's Witcher series reach its end without incident, we can think naught a finer storyline for a finale than The Lady of The Lake. Without delving into spoiler territory, we can say that this book adds a sense of finality and closure to Andrzej Sapkowski's - before he followed up with Season of Storms in 2013.

5 Imlerith and Geralt's Rivalry (Games)

Is it just us, or do grudge matches make for some of the best battles in television history!? Shoot, some Games of Thrones waded through thick and thin in the hopes of seeing Cleganebowl come to fruition. Anime fans have had the pleasure of watching hundreds of rivalries play out in grand fashion. Even Soap Operas like Dallas and All My Children feature fantastic battles between bitter foes, in a much more metaphorical sense.

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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt gave us Geralt's rivalry with Imlerith. This hulking monster of a man feuded with Geralt while both of them rode in King Eredin's army. If the Netflix show needs an intimidating and hatable villain ala Darth Vader or even Randy Orton, Imlerith is the man for the job.

4 The White Frost's Nefarious Role (Games)

In The Witcher 3, Geralt constantly finds himself racing against the clock to try and accomplish the impossible. He starts the game desperately searching for Ciri and ends it attempting to prevent the White Frost from freezing the world over. On the contrary, the books depict the White Frost as a natural, albeit extremely powerful, occurrence.

At the moment, we're not sure how long the Netflix show will be on air or how many storylines the series will cover. If the showrunners want to give their series an apocalyptic vibe, then they could consider introducing the White Frost and depicting it similar to CD Projekt Red's games.

3 The Life of Jacques de Aldersberg (Games)

Before he fully adopted Ciri, Geralt considered taking a young boy named Alvin under his wing via the Law of Surprise. Just like Cirilla, Alvin displayed latent source abilities and was a headstrong kid. However, the boy and the White Wolf went their separate ways - an event that we see play out in the first Witcher game.

By the time The Witcher 3 released, fans wondered whatever happened to Alvin? Theories circulated, suggesting that the boy became everything from a monster to a time traveler. Should you find a memoir titled The Life of Jacques de Aldersberg, you'll learn the horrible truth behind Alvin's ultimate fate. Depending on how much lore the Netflix show plans to explore, we'd love to see Geralt meet Jacques de Aldersberg and make him answer for his crimes - as well as all of the emotional twists that would result from that meeting.

2 The Bloody Baron Questline (Games)

When people praise the Witcher 3 for its fantastic storytelling and engrossing quests, they're typically referencing the Bloody Baron's entire questline. Though it comes on very early in the game, the Bloody Baron storyline features some of the best writing, voice acting, and questing in the series! You genuinely will laugh and cry in equal measure. By the end of this story, you might even gain new insights and perspectives on life that didn't have previously.

It might be a bit much asking for the Netflix series to use this entire storyline, but we hope to at least see a few pivotal characters and story beats reappear. Conversely, they could use this storyline for an entire season if this show gains enough traction and proves to be financially viable.

1 Gaunter O'Dimm (Games)

Of all the cryptic characters and malicious madmen that Geralt of Rivia encounters in his journeys, none chill the soul or boggle the mind like Gaunter O'Dimm. Less of a man and more of a force of nature, O'Dimm loves learning the wants and desires of those around him for the sake of leverage.

Gaunter O'Dimm is cold, calculating, sadistic, and undeniably charming - making him one of CD Projekt Red's most fascinating creations. Should he appear on the Netflix show, with the right writers and actors (yes, actors plural,) to breath live into him, this version of The Witcher could become something amazing!

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